How do I set up an online programme?

Go to tab Programme > Programme Icon Programme
  1. Click on Add session
  2. Select: Online (with network area)
  3. Name the programme component
  4. Enter the start and end time of that programme component
  5. Description: this field is meant to set the scene and describe the whole programme or a description of that programme component. Want to set up a programme with separate programme components? Put a livestream URL in each programme component!
  6. Select the option Mandatory attendance if participants are obliged to watch that programme component
    Bare in mind: Participants cannot plan a meeting with each other during these Mandatory sessions.
  7. Is selectable: if the programme component is a selectable session, this option should be checked (in Spots available the capacity of that session can be displayed)
  8. Display category: if a programme component should be placed under an extra alternative programme, please type the name of that programme component (view helparticle Alternative programme for more information). For example, a programme with only virtual living rooms.
  9. External session content*: here you can indicate which tool you are going to use for your online event, for example a Vimeo, Zoom, Teams or a virtual living room, networkcarousel or Talkshow* a dropdown will appear were you can select the correct Virtual room. When you place a URL or Virtual room extra options will pop up:

Auto open URL when it’s time to start: if you want the livestream to automatically open for everyone at the start time, check this box

Button text: give a description of the button to open the livestream or enter the virtual living room here

Button description: this is an optional field to enter an extra short description of the button text

Enable button: click on the dropdown button to indicate when the button to go to the livestream/virtual living room should be clickable

Showing to: click on the dropdown button to indicate for whom the button to go to the livestream/virtual living room should be visible (e.g. for everyone or only participants who selected the programme component)

Sidestream URL: if you want to use the chat of your livestream, please place the URL chat stream here
Note: our Virtual livingroom, Carousel and Talkshow are provided with their own chat facility

In the Network Area dropdown you can indicate when the Networking Square should be open for participants to start networking

Note: This option is already presented when you choose the Type of session as Online.

*examples of suitable livestream channels are: Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Youtube, Vimeo (YouTube en Vimeo can be embedded in the Networkapp platform instead of opening on a second tab).
Want to show a video instead of a livestream? Find out how: ‘Show videos in the app’.