set up a custom directory or separate folders (Advanced/Unlimited)

Creating custom directories is an Advanced or Unlimited plan feature.
Check out our Pricing page for more information on our plans and current rates

Custom directories are separate folders in which you can store additional information.
Think of session presentations, a list of blogs or vlogs about the event, important documents, etc.

Go to Promotion

1. Click 

2. Name the custom directory. This will be shown on the banner in the app (a). Participants click on it and will be redirected to the list you are about to create.

a.        b.

3. You can also choose to place a banner image (b) at Logo.
Place an image here with dimensions 640×88

4. If you don’t want to show the custom directory as a banner in the app but only with an icon in the carousel, check the On Carousel option and uncheck the Show as banner option.
Then upload an icon at Logo with the size 274×108.

5. If you have multiple custom directories and you want to show the banners in a certain order, please indicate the position in Position.

Click Save.

6. At the bottom of the page within your custom directory you’ll find ‘Listings in this custom directory’. This is an overview of all the items you have placed in the custom directory.
Click on the plus sign to add a new item.

7. Fill in the fields as required.
In the Description field you can give a description and place a link in the text via ‘Insert link’.

You can also place a pdf or website link at Hyperlink. If there is no text in the description field, the document or website will open immediately. If there is text in the description field, a ‘Website’ button will appear.

8. When you are in overview and you want to add new items to the custom directory scroll down and click on +add item

Follow the same step and click Save