YourBroadcast, connecting knowledge anywhere.

Stream your online network meeting from anywhere, without studio costs. YourBroadcast provides you with the professional features of a livestream studio combined with the commitment of a live meeting.

Durable and efficient connections

One of the valued things during a live meeting is personal contact. With YourBroadcast you can stream your online meeting professionally topped off with the personal feeling you get from online get togethers. The key advantages of YourBroadcast are durability and efficiency due to the lack of time consuming and costly travel.

Moreover we connect people professionally in such a way that it reduces the emotional distance between colleagues, departments, branches and students. With YourBroadcast you get the opportunity to increase the possibility to share knowledge without obstacles and enhance solidarity between co-workers and students who don’t meet live on regular occasions.

Organize your professional online meeting anywhere

YourBroadcast makes it possible to bring together speakers and viewers, regardless of the location on both ends. We combine the professional streaming techniques of The Productioneers with the network and interaction possibilities of the event platform Networkapp. Resulting in one integrated solution for the entire technical organization that is needed to organize an online event.

Thanks to the remote direction and technical support all streaming sessions will get the desired professional look, in line with the branding of your company. Technique and transmissions in between sessions will be taken care of remotely. Your speakers only have to be ready with their microphones open and webcam switched on. Thanks to the smart features of Networkapp event platform, you can offer your attendees a tailor-made program based on their interests, profession, location or language. The extensive interaction possibilities make it possible for you to offer and stimulate interactions between attendees. Thus making it possible for every attendee to share and obtain knowledge and start conversations with each other.

Why YourBroadcast?

  • One integrated solution for streaming and networking
  • Professional appearance without studio costs
  • Remote technical direction and support by a team of experts
  • Greenroom for speakers to prepare their presentation
  • Tailor-made program and language offers for attendees
  • Extensive network and interaction possibilities
  • Supports mobile and desktop attendees

Examples of online activities with YourBroadcast:

  • online trainings and workshops, 
  • plenaire onboarding trajectory, 
  • sessions to enhance the cohesion and commitment between co-workers, departments, branches and students, 
  • meetings with an international character, 
  • motivation and evaluation sessions,
  • and so on.

What will you organize with YourBroadcast?

Get in touch with our team and explore the options of YourBroadcast and Networkapp that suit your company best. Also if you want to take it a step further and complete your session with a host that speaks from a central studio, just let us know. We would love to think along with you and advice you properly.

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