YourBroadcast, connecting knowledge anywhere.

Stream your online network meeting from anywhere, without studio costs. YourBroadcast provides you with the professional features of a livestream studio combined with the commitment of a live meeting.

YourBroadcast is the way to effectively and professionally organize your live streams. The add-on is designed to effortlessly connect colleagues and associates when live streaming your event, with the feel and engagement of a live meeting. Combined with the networking capabilities within Networkapp’s event technology, organizing a professional online, hybrid, or stretched event becomes even more accessible.

YourBroadcast as a new, sustainable add on

We have found that online events and events with hybrid elements are not only a great complement to live events, but by limiting travel movements they are also a sustainable solution. Live streaming is a sustainable and efficient alternative to getting together in person! Meetings that used to require a lot of travel are now attended from the comfort of your living room or workplace. The event platform of Networkapp already made it possible to network and share knowledge on a high level within online, hybrid, and live events, integrating different webinar providers.

With YourBroadcast, the technology goes one step further: with remote control and various layouts, a live stream with the quality of a professional studio can be realized from almost any location.

Why YourBroadcast?

  • One integrated solution for streaming and networking
  • Professional appearance without studio costs
  • Remote technical direction and support by a team of experts
  • Greenroom for speakers to prepare their presentation
  • Tailor-made program and language offers for attendees
  • Extensive network and interaction possibilities
  • Supports mobile and desktop attendees combined with Networkapp

YourBroadcast: the ideal solution

By using YourBroadcast in combination with Networkapp for online and hybrid events, organizers get a professional live stream studio without the additional costs of a studio rental. With this add-on, we offer an event app that can be put together yourself and is, therefore, the ideal solution for live streams that can be followed all over the world. With our technology, we provide high-quality online events that can be used in an accessible way. Colleagues and relations connect effortlessly and make contact easily. You can use YourBroadcast for any form of live streaming you want to organize, such as online training or workshop, video conference, or video meeting. There is also a Greenroom available, you can adapt the environment to your branding and participants can effortlessly connect to network in speed dating sessions.

The possibilities are endless and we offer many options to personalize your live stream. Need help? Of course, our team of experts is ready to provide you with optimal support.

Challenges of a live stream

With our remote service and support, even during the event, you are assured of a live stream that runs smoothly even if you don’t have much experience with live streaming. Organizing a virtual event or meeting can be quite challenging and sometimes stressful. We regularly get questions like, “How do I make sure everyone knows what they need to do to connect?” “What if something goes wrong while we’re at it?” “Can we test in advance? And the common cry of anguish: ‘What if I press the wrong button and everyone is gone!’ Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge, we know exactly which challenges are involved in organizing an online event.

YourBroadcast in practice

What makes YourBroadcast so special? In combination with the smart technology and functionalities of the Networkapp event platform, participants receive a tailor-made program and are cleverly linked to other attendees to network, tailored to their interests. The technology also offers numerous opportunities for online training and international meetings with different time zones!

We understand that the technology is important, however, the practical application is just as important. That’s why we’ve designed YourBroadcast to be easy to work with. With this add-on, Networkapp offers one integrated solution for streaming and online events. YourBroadcast was developed to make it possible for everyone to organize a professional and successful live stream. Of course with support and advice from our team of experts!

What will you organize with YourBroadcast?

Get in touch with our team and explore the options of YourBroadcast and Networkapp that suit your company best. Also if you want to take it a step further and complete your session with a host that speaks from a central studio, just let us know. We would love to think along with you and advice you properly.

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How it works with Networkapp

Let the right people engage with each other and find relevant knowledge quickly and easily at live, hybrid and online events. Facilitate networking between exhibitors and participants and among visitors with the various contact and networking opportunities in the Networkapp event platform. This way, valuable engagements and unexpected connections are made. Curious for more?

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