Smart integration with registration tools

Connect Networkapp to your registration partner for a seamless event experience

Networkapp knows how useful it is if your event registration works smartly with your event app. That is why you can easily read and update an Excel registration list yourself with us. Or you choose an automatic connection with your registration tool. However you want it, we are happy to help you on your way!

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Networkapp and partners

Networkapp does a lot, but not everything. Together with our partners, we ensure that additional services are available through integrations and connectors. This means everything connects seamlessly. Everything to provide you with maximum peace of mind.

Self-service connection with registration parties

Simply enter the required data for the connector in our dashboard and choose which data should be transferred. The registration lists are then automatically updated.


With Marketo’s digital marketing options, you get a complete program to deliver lead-based and account-based marketing. Both from loyalty and recruitment.


Halito! is event software that easily gives you full control over event registrations. You can Halito! for both online and hybrid events.


Eventbrite is an international self-service ticketing platform for live experiences from music festivals to conferences. This platform allows anyone to create, share and attend an event.

With you have reliable and practical software solutions to organize more successful and effective events. In this way helps increase reach and share knowledge.


Easydus combines the advantages of standard software with the advantages of custom software. Easydus’ software is adapted to your wishes and is specialized in abstract handling.


Eventtouch is an event registration platform with full support for event registration and communication where necessary.


Eventure specializes in supervising the registration and abstract handling process, particularly for scientific conferences.


From single-speaker webinars to massive in-person global trade shows, Swoogo has the tools you need to compete in the rapidly-evolving world of events.

Oxford Abstracts

Coming soon, let us know if you are interested!


Eventgoose is the most user-friendly and complete online ticket sales system. Eventgoose is suitable for any type of event and location! In short: an indispensable tool for the starting, growing or experienced organizer.

Why use a registration partner?

A registration partner can not only be a great addition to your (online) event, but can also carry out various activities that require a different area of ​​expertise. Consider a complete and pleasant registration/registration module, online payment and/or payment on invoice, analysis of visitor flows, QR scanning and badge printing or a warm welcome by hostesses.

This way you can organize a full-fledged event where you really get the most out of it. Each partner has its own expertise and can be tailored to Networkapp.

QR-code in Networkapp

Integration upon request

We have previously gained experience with the systems below and can connect as desired.


Actito offers customers an activation platform that you can set up without any technical knowledge, but without having to compromise on anything.

Teamleader Focus

Teamleader offers two solutions: Teamleader Focus and Teamleader Orbit. It is completely focused on work management where you can easily arrange sales, invoicing and organization from one place.

What options do our connectors have?

Every system is different. That is why we would like to explain the differences below. Please note: due to constant developments on both sides, the table below changes regularly. Is something not clear or would you like to add a specific action? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Registration systemUpdate after new registrationWrite back personal code/link for invite from registration systemAutomatic invite from NetworkappAutomatic invite from registration systemWrite back activation statusShow QR-code in app
aanmelder.nlalmost immediateYesupon requestYes (requires setup)YesYes
Marketoalmost immediateYes (only a link)Yes (requires setup)als program status
Eventbritealmost immediateNoupon requestNoNoYes
Eventtouchevery 20 min.YesYesupon requestYesYes
Easydusevery 20 min.upon requestYesupon requestupon request
Eventureevery 40 min.upon request
Halito!almost immediateYesNoYesYes
Actitoevery 20 min.YesYes (requires setup)upon request
Teamleaderevery 20 min.upon request
Swoogoalmost immediateYesupon requestYesYes
EventGooseevery 20 min.Noupon requestNoNoYes
Update: 20-06-2023

Build a new integration

We work together with various renowned registration partners. Is the one you are using not listed? No problem! Networkapp is flexible in creating new connections. Please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities.

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Import all event content

In addition to automatically reading registration lists, Networkapp also makes it possible to use an API (or Excel) to import contents of the event. Think of hundreds of abstracts from oral and poster presentations, speaker lists, complete programs or exhibitor information.

Connectors and integrations

Facilitate registration via event agenda

You can place the registration page of your registration system as a link in the community event agenda. You don’t need a registration system? Then invite participants directly with one click registration in our event agenda.

Enable in-app registration

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