Smart integrations with registration tools

Connect Networkapp to your registration partner for a seamless event-experience.

Networkapp understands the convenience of your event registration smartly working together with your event app. Therefore you can easily import and update your Excel registration list in our dashboard. Or choose an automatic connection to your registration tool. No developer or ICT here is needed! Set it up yourself by following some easy steps. All your event-and participant information in one clear user-friendly dashboard.
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We focus on connecting knowledge and people and easily network with each other, before during and after the event. Our features have been developed around the needs of participants and event organisers. We still acknowledge that some elements in organising an event are professions in its own right. Effortlessly set up integrations and connections with one of our 7 partners while still having freedom of choice!

Networkapp and partners

Our platform is easy to use and allows you and your colleagues to be in control at all times. We offer many services revolving around networking and maximising knowledge sharing. Together with our partners, we make sure all additional services are available and are connected seamlessly to ensure a perfect participant experience. Connect Networkapp to a registration partner of your choice or select one of our existing partners.

Self-service connection with registration parties

Simply enter the required connection data in our dashboard and choose which data should be transferred to Networkapp. After that, your registration lists are updated automically.


With Marketo’s digital marketing features, you get a complete program to deliver lead-based and account-based marketing. Both from loyality as recruitment.


The event registration software from Halito! provides all the tools you need to successfully manage registrations and guests from start to finish for any offline, online and hybrid event in one place.


Eventbrite is an international selfservice ticketing platform for live experiences from music festivals to conferences. Anyone can create, share and attend an event. provides reliable and practical software solutions for organizing successful and effective events. They accomplish this by transforming complex issues into user-friendly software that allows you, the organizer, to get started.


Easydus combines the advantages of standard software with the benefits of custom software. Easydus’ software is customised to your needs and specialises in abstract handling.


Eventtouch is an eventregistration platform with support where needed for eventregistration and eventcommunication.


Eventure specialises in guiding the registration and abstract handling process for specifically scientific conferences.

Why a registration partner?

A good participant registration is important in creating a seamless event experience. A professional registration partner not only manages the registrations, but can also perform activities asking another expertise. For example, a complete and pleasant registration system, online payment services, analysis of visitor flows, QR scanning and badge printing or providing a warm welcome by a hostess. Every partner has its own expertise and can be plugged into Networkapp.

Integration on request

We have experience with connecting with the below systems. Upon request we can create a connection for you.
Is your registration partner not listed? Networkapp is flexible in creating new connections. Get in contact to discuss the possibilities.


Actito offers customers an activation platform that you can set up yourself! Without previously obtained technical knowledge.

Teamleader Focus

Teamleader offers two types of software: Teamleader Focus en Teamleader Orbit. Fully focused on work management, easily sell, invoice and organise from one place.

What options are included?

Every system is different. Therefore different options can be available per system. Constant Due to constant developments on both sides, the table below changes regularly. Is something unclear or would you like to add an option? Get in contact to discuss the possibilities.

Registration systemUpdate after new registrationsCommunication of Networkapp’s personal codes/links for invite to registration systemAutomatic invite from NetworkappAutomatic invite from registration systemActivation status communicationPresenting QR in the app
aanmelder.nlalmost instantlyYeson requestSoonYesYes
Marketoalmost instantlyYes (only link)Yes (work required)as program status
Eventbritealmost instantlyNoon requestNoNoYes
Eventtouchevery 20 min.YesYesnegotiableYesYes
Easydusevery 20 min.On requestYeson requeston request
Eventureevery 40 min.on request
Halitoalmost instantlyYesNoYesYes
Actitoevery 20 min.YesYes (work required)on request
Teamleaderevery 20 min.on request
Update: 12-08-2022

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