Optimal Networking with the Networking carousel

Surprising meet-ups without awkward moments

Automatically pair the right people with each other for unexpected encounters and ultimate networking opportunities.
In Networkapp’s virtual rooms, you decide which setting best suits your event.

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Networkapp is a complete event platform that allows you to be flexible in the preparation of your event. From online, hybrid to live, and vice versa in one dashboard. The handy features ensure that Networkapp facilitates easy networking for all participants. Meet one of our networking features, which you can also deploy standalone; the Networking Carousel.

Easy networking

The new feature, Network carrousel, places participants together randomly with the push of a button for a speed date in a virtual room. A kind of business Tinder, but without the awkward moments. Meaning you don’t have to make random group assignments yourself. The event platform does this for you quickly and easily. You determine the total number of rounds, the time slot, the duration of the session, and how many people take place in the virtual room. Your guests decide in how many sessions they want to participate.

Your own setting and branding

In Networkapp Virtual Rooms, you decide in which setting your colleagues, customers or relations meet virtually. You choose the atmosphere and branding for the spaces.

Benefits of the Network carrousel

The Network carrousel is ideal for networking sessions, chatting, or playing a game in a group. It is also the ultimate way to bring people together who would usually not get together quickly. The new feature promises to create fun groups that bring forth thought-provoking conversations. Network carrousel makes low-threshold networking a reality. Contact is made more swiftly and runs smoother.

Start Networking

Through the Network carrousel, approachable networking becomes a fact. It brings people into contact with each other who can share valuable knowledge. The purpose of the Network carrousel is to make networking between people go faster and smoother. If you want to make it even more personal, participants can also post a video/vlog or photo to the calls. 

Who is it for?

Networking carrousel is for anyone who uses Networkapp as part of the event platform or as standalone functionality. The new feature works rewarding for companies who want participants to come together during networking sessions and transfer knowledge. It can also work as a group-building exercise. The Network carrousel is refreshing and unique to take part.

Networking before and after your online event

With Networkapp, you can connect the right people to spread relevant knowledge as quickly as possible. The networking possibilities in Networkapp are available a few weeks in the event platform and afterward to make optimal use of the at-hand network.

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