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From inviting attendees to abstract handling and networking

Organising a medical conference can be quite a challenge. It requires flexibility, innovation and good communication. These key elements can all be found in the Networkapp. With as bonus, our experience in facilitating event apps and platforms for both online as in-person medical events.

With Networkapp’s online event platform, you can organise your online, live or hybrid conference from start to finish via one online platform. At Networkapp we are flexible and involved. That is why we would like to think along about how to make your conference a success. We work together with various partners for integrations, and are also open to new connections. Almost anything is possible, because we think it is important that our customers remain in control.

How it works with Networkapp

Let the right people engage with each other and find relevant knowledge quickly and easily at live, hybrid and online events. Facilitate networking between exhibitors and participants and among visitors with the various contact and networking opportunities in the Networkapp event platform. This way, valuable engagements and unexpected connections are made. Curious for more?

All networking opportunities


Abstracts, sessions and speaker details

Make it easy for participants to find relevant sessions by making information easily accessible in the platform.



Inform guests and speakers in between sessions and involve them in specific topics. This can be very interactive via live voting, for example.


Connecting, knowledge sharing and interaction

Participants are offered several possibilities to meet and network, with both new and known connections.

Abstract Management

Prevent additional work and save time with an automated abstract handling process, for example with our Easydus, Oxford Abstracts and Eventure interfaces. Get rid of individual emails and Excel lists for your oral and poster viewings and presentations!

Flexibility and control

We unburden and automate, you remain in control. We work together with various partners and are open to new connections if the need arises.

Privacy and safety

The Networkapp platform is GDPR-proof and data security is our top priority. The app is ISO27001 certified.

Networkapp @ WCES 2021

From invitation to execution, you are in charge

With the online event platform of Networkapp you organise your online, live or hybride conference from beginning to end. At Networkapp we are flexible and involved. That is why we like to think along with you about how we can make your conference a success. Almost anything is possible, because we think it is important that our customers remain in control.

We connect with your abstract handling software

Do you want to present abstracts and posters in your event app? Then consider our integration with abstract handling software, including Easydus, Eventure and Oxford Abstracts. We automatically connect and import over all available content. Is creating an automatic connection not necessary or possible? We can also read the (Excel) printout of your abstracts and program.

With abstract handling software you automate the entire end-to-end process from participant registration to abstract handling. From submission and reviewing of abstracts to creating sessions for the final program and inviting participants to the conference. Once you have set up the system, you can easily arrange the complete abstract handling process.

By creating an integration between Networkapp and your favorite abstract handling software, you ensure a connection between your guests, even if they are not physically together. Everyone can participate in polls and live voting sessions, view the abstracts, download them and rank them. Thanks to the automatic integration, we can, in consultation with you, prepare everything according to a handy step-by-step plan. Do you have any questions in between? We are of course there for you!

Discuss possibilities for your event
Abstracts, Oral presentations

Some of our awesome client cases

Dr. Tan Arulampalam

ALSGBI Honorary Treasurer

“The introduction of Networkapp went beyond the usual congress app and really improved the overall experience of the event!”
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The main focus of the annual EAES congress is to connect medical professionals, share know-how and reach consensus on medical practices and patient care. As the EAES congress represents one of the most innovative branches of the surgical industry, the congress team wanted the innovative identity of EAES to be reflected in their annual congress. That’s why EAES choose to elevate their congress experience through Networkapp. Read on
We are committed to encourage people to share thoughts & questions and connect. Meeting others is one of the main reasons to attend an event, although approaching strangers does not come easy for everybody. Our app helps unlock the knowledge potential that is often hidden in the group. And we can proudly claim that Networkapp has the most comprehensive, value for money offer in the market. Check out our plans and pricing  
Security is no joke for Networkapp. We safeguard your data and all the documents shared during your event in a discreet and secure way. Find out more about our security policy.
Of course! Our dedicated team is ready to assist in any request/ comment or question that you may have before, during and after your event. Get in touch with us.
The event organisation determines what information should be visible in the participantlist. You entered this information when you registered. The organisation can also choose to request further information to enrich participant profiles by asking questions in the app. You can manage your privacy settings in the app via My profile (-> Privacy settings).
Networkapp does not own your personal data. We only employ your account data to enhance your use of the app, to provide you with an optimal network experience. Would you like to know more about our privacy policy? Please check our Privacy statement.
To add, change or retrieve data there is an API available. It is avalailable for most data concerning an event. For instance, participant lists, invitation codes, programma items and exhibitor lists. Email us at support@networkapp.com for more information.
Would you like to try our Event app? Register with email and start a trial with your colleagues. Click ‘Order now’ in the top right corner of the dashboard if you like what you see and place your order. Does a community app better suit your purpose? Email us your ideas at info@networkapp.com we will contact you and discuss all possibilities. If you like what you hear we will start setting up your preliminary community app design, which you can then make your own.
Would you like to set up an event app? Start a trial and try out all our features with your colleagues. Register with your emailaddress and get started!

Like what you see? Click ‘Order now’ in the top right corner of the dashboard and place your order.

Interested in the community app? Email your ideas to info@networkapp.com. We will contact you and talk over all possibilities. Like what you hear? We will set up a preliminary design which you can then make your own.

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