Live event feed: show on a big screen what is happening at your event

At a big event, all kinds of things happen at the same time. How unfortunate is it if your visitors miss out on important information as a result? With our live event feed, this is a thing of the past! Show how the participants are connected, display the next programme, your sponsors and the results of interim statements. A valuable feature that boosts your event!

Want to know more?

We have seen it happen often enough at large-scale events. There are so many participants and such an extensive programme that it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Get the structure back and offer your visitors the overview they deserve with our fully automated live event feed.

Our live event feed shows what is happening at your event on a big screen. You provide a large screen and simply place a URL on your browser. The feed automatically adopts the house style of your event and shows the information animated on the screen.

Quote from participant standing in front of the Live feed screen: “Hey what’s going on here? I don’t agree with the outcome of this proposition!!! Where can I cast my vote?” Via Networkapp, the other participant says.

Participants Climate Summit COP27 event


  • Show group composition based on the set profile filters
  • Provide insight into how (actively) the groups interact with each other
  • Show the next programme item
  • Show the most recent calls from participants to encourage interaction
  • Offer extra exposure for your sponsors and show them alternately on the screen

You are in control

  • Set what you want to show on your live event feed in the Networkapp dashboard
  • Test everything via our preview view before you rent a screen
  • Decide when what is shown
  • Easily add content during the day, it updates automatically

What you can display with digital signage via Networkapp

What can you show on such a screen? Well, anything you want! In practice, event organisers like to display one or more of the following via digital signage:

  • The number of attendees;
  • The number of connections made;
  • The most active users of the app;
  • The programme for the rest of the day;
  • – A few prominent sponsors

You don’t need us!

The strength of Networkapp is that you can do a lot by yourself. This  also applies to our live event feed. Our dashboard is self-explanatory. All you need is an up-to-date version of the Chrome browser and of course a big screen in a location at your event.

Would you also like to display all kinds of essential information on a big screen during your event and boost interaction? Our live event feed is part of our Unlimited plan. With this package, you can really make the most of your event!

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