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Networkapp is the mobile event app that ensures your attendees get the most out of your event and their network before, during and after the event. This creates even better connections and makes the best use of the available network during physical meetings.

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This is how we help participants gain maximum knowledge

How do you add value for your participants through Networkapp?
We’d like to explain that to you using a brief timeline:

Great, the participant has signed up and is attending your event! Through the registration process you set up – which you easily link to our app – you have the registration with the desired information. Now you can directly involve the expertise of your participants in your event.

Involve participants in your event

Open a poll, start a discussion or allow participants to already discuss which topics to address by posting a quest.

Arrange practical matters in advance

Participants can choose in which sessions they want to participate in advance in the app. They can also get in contact with other participants.

Enable new connections

With a comprehensive and well-organized list of participants, you let people easily see who has what expertise and interests. In this way, new contacts are quickly established and you prevent people from ending up with past acquaintances.

Then it’s finally here: the (first) day of your event. Everything is perfectly prepared: participants attend interesting sessions, connect with other participants and get inspired.

Inform and activate your participants

Send general information, activating texts and other news via the app. You easily set up the push notifications in advance through our dashboard.

Engage in interaction

Allow participants to vote via the Live Voting module. Ask open or closed questions and get immediate answers from the audience.

Facilitate valuable connections and meetings

On the day, participants will also be able to connect with relevant connections. Encourage use of the smart profile filters, calls and provide clearly marked meeting points to speeddate.

Afterwards, of course, you want to know how the participants experienced it. And you probably want to present them with interesting content as well. The app will remain open for up to four weeks after the event. For participants, contacts made remain in their profiles.

Evaluate and learn

You can share a survey through us (or through an external tool) to collect feedback. You can easily display the results of our survey via an Excel file.

Extend the event

Afterwards, go deeper. Extend the live contact moment (with our virtual living room, talk show or networking carousel, for example) or add relevant content in the app. Or connect your audience in a 24/7 community.

View results

Wondering what took place within the group? Through our dashboard, you can conveniently draw up all kinds of lists in an Excel file. From the number of connections made to completed poll questions and workshop ratings.

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Some of our awesome client cases

Menno de Vries

Partner Network & Administration Manager, Aflatoun

“The strength of our organization is our network. We have seen the power of the app and will keep it top of mind when planning our next event.”
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Using Networkapp, Aflatoun improved the conference experience for the participants of their Global Social and Financial Skills Event. With their creative insight, they customised the look and feel of their app, informed attendees of last-minute changes through push notifcations and took advantage of real-time event analysis. Our detailed data reports showed a high number (73,9% of the total number of activated event registrations in Networkapp) of app activations and increased engagement of attendees. Read on

This is the added value of Networkapp for you and your participants

Networkapp’s event app allows you as an organizer to truly listen to your attendees and provide them with the right tools to find the information they need. In addition to offering your event program and the ability to put together a personalized program, our event app literally gives attendees a network in their hands.

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With our trial version you can try out all Networkapp features with 5 colleagues. Convinced? Place your order in the top right corner of the dashboard at Order now.
You will find a pricing overview here. Send us your event programme or community purpose and we will draw up a non-binding offer.
Networkapp does not own your personal data. We only use account data to optimise Networkapp use to guarantee you and your participants the best networkexperience. Want to know more? Check our Privacy statement en/of de gebruikersovereenkomst.
As an organiser you send your attendees an invitation mail with instructions and personal code. After having registered for the app participants enter the code and they will access the event surroundings. You can also create a general (shared) code to communicate during the event. Participants can be uploaded into and invited from the dashboard.  

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