We seek connections and connect the seekers

Driven by her own experiences and determined to find a solution, Elma felt that networking at events needed to change. As an entrepreneur, she wanted to get to answers faster and more effectively. Without noise and without wasting time. Just meet the right people, in the right place. And so Networkapp was born.

Connections that add value and help you further in your personal growth, that’s where Networkapp comes in. Our team strongly believes in the combination of online and live contact, with smart networking functionalities being a valuable addition. Sharing as much knowledge as possible, but also helping people with beautiful collaborations and innovation: that is our goal!

Complete event platform

With Networkapp, we bring all the communication and information around an event into one convenient system, which can be adapted and expanded in real time. The platform includes tools that make it easier to make connections during live, online and hybrid events. For example, even before the event, attendees have the ability to see who will be present, which allows them to make direct contact, ask questions and schedule appointments. And after the event, they stay connected through an online community. This ensures a lasting impact on attendees.

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Be surprised

Be surprised by others and don’t be afraid to share stories. Whether they are challenges, setbacks or successes, your experiences can help others immensely. The size of your company does not matter: it is the value of what you share that counts. You can learn from every human being. Each person has their own story and expertise. New contacts, friendships, collaborations, ideas and plans are there. If only you see it. If only you dare.

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Our Networkapp team;
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Visionary, distinctive, problem-solving and decisive: that is Networkapp. We carefully guide you as an event organiser and your participants to a pleasant and safe event experience. We are Networkapp: we seek connections and we connect the seekers.

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