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Determine your networking strategy using the Connectie Kompas and get started with our personal programs, virtual rooms and matchmaking.

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Start setting up your platform without waiting. All types of events are possible: online, live and hybrid.

Using our smart technology, you can switch from online to hybrid and vice versa in no time, and integration with other systems is also easy to achieve.

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Stretched events

Increase the involvement within your company, business network or specific target group with a stretched event. Multiple contact moments before and after the event keep participants interested for longer, strengthen the mutual contact and make networking all over the world super easy.

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Bring people together all year round with Networkapp® Community. In a recognizable environment, you give members 24/7 access to each other’s network and knowledge, you can facilitate meetings and optimize collaboration. Offer connection and inspiration to share more knowledge and develop better products.

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Je voulais vous remercier pour le temps que vous avez accorder à notre dossier et qui a fait que l’événement CITEO fut une grande réussite

Léa KHADIVI – Project manager Junior, Mythologies

Networkapp resulted in direct additional revenue for me

Peter Scheijgrond, MET – Support

“It was a pleasant and clear cooperation. They contributed to our ideas with support and advice which was very well received!”

Kristel, Wens Travel

The nice thing about Networkapp’s virtual living rooms is that they look cozy and you can decorate them yourself to fit your branding. That makes it a lot more fun than a boring virtual meeting.

Anouk Overbeek, HIER

Networkapp has been a key factor in connecting our Alumni worldwide

Marco ten Hoor- Director, Stenden Hotel Management School

We received very few questions and we were able to answer the questions we did receive immediately. The technology works as it should, Networkapp looks great and is easy to use.

Harold Kip, Nevi

We received such great feedback. The match making and possibility to indicate interests in advance led to appointments that might never have taken place at a live event.

Anke Dorenbos, Antor the Netherlands

Using Networkapp was the perfect finish, the needed extra service, for the conference.

Nathalie Nuiten, Municipality of The Hague

All our communication went through 101 e-mails. With Networkapp’s community app, members send messages to each other. The community administrators also keep our members informed with push messages. In this way we keep the communication focused and central.

Eva Veldhuizen, ISA Group

For an event where networking plays an important part, the app is undoubtedly of added value!

Trees Overkamp, Cygnea

Networkapp contributed to the success of our conference. In 2016 we are going to use it in Beijing

Jean-Christophe Troussel, president, LES Benelux

A nice digital extension of what we as the KNVB wanted to create with the KNVB chairman congress!

Joost Nulkes – Association Consultant, KNVB

I will definitely recommend the platform to others. Networkapp is simple to use, it works very intuitively. In addition, there is a great support team where you can go with all your questions.

Ignacio Valle Muñoz, Spanish Tourism Board

Networkapp gave us the opportunity to extend our offline event online.

Marleen Smid, Event Manager at Port4Growth

The possibilities of the Networkapp and our clients’ happiness keeps on growing

Pieter Schure, PINO Communicatie |Evenementen |Congressen

Maximize connectivity at live, hybrid and online events

Let the right people find each other and relevant knowledge quickly and easily at events and meetings. Depending on how you want to connect people Networkapp offers different networking options. From a personal virtual living room, the network carrousel, talkshow to complete online, hybrid or live events and communities. For a small or large group, one-time or year-round in a community.

Within the Networkapp platform, you can easily combine different functionalities for the optimal networking experience or use only those features that suit your goals. This way there is a suitable solution for every target group and from the dashboard, you are in charge of your event, community or an interaction between the two.

Success factors events

Interaction, networking and knowledge are the three success factors of a worthwhile event. For this mission to succeed, it is important to create an environment where:

  • contact is easily made;
  • the right session can always be found;
  • convivial after-dinner conversation is a certainty.

With our advanced features, a personalized setting with a warm atmosphere can be created even when the participants are not physically in the same room.

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Mix & Match: create your own event

Based on the angle of your event, you decide what you need. The technology of the Networkapp event platform is flexible to link if you already use other online webinar tools or partners for registration and abstract handling. Do you want to meet more personally online at online and hybrid events? Then combine the event platform with virtual rooms.

Virtual Meeting Room

The virtual living room is for anyone who wants to meet online with up to 10 colleagues, customers or business contacts for a meeting, presentation, knowledge session or informal drink. Stand-alone or within the event platform, you decide the atmosphere and your own branding.

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Network carrousel

Automatically pair the right people with each other for unexpected encounters and ultimate networking opportunities. With the speed dates in the Networking Carousel, you decide the number of rounds, time slot, length of the session and how many people sit in the virtual room.

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Have 10 people sit at the virtual table for an active and educational discussion. The audience follows the conversation via the live stream and provides input via the chat feature. A moderator can invite someone from the audience to take a seat at the table.

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Optimal connectivity with Networkapp

Scientific knowledge about network behavior and learning styles to keep improving the application. The toolset of network functionalities is constantly expanding to optimally connect participants to the right people, parties and knowledge.

Connection Strategy

Want to connect in an even better and more focused way? Use the Connectie Kompas to guide the networking strategy for your event. Realize optimal interaction, connection and knowledge sharing by using the program to respond to the networking behavior and preferences of participants.

Connection coach

A strong network makes you healthy and happy. With our partner Connection coach, we combined Networkapp’s experience with scientific knowledge. The result is several training courses for individuals who want to enrich their personal network in five steps.



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