How it (net)works

Our platform is known for its extensive features that allow you to create truly valuable meetings. Whether you meet in-person, hybrid or online. Check out the many ways to connect with others on this page.

With Networkapp you can:

Network through a quest

Participants ask (open) questions through the forum, benefiting from everyone’s knowledge and quickly finding the right person. This often leads to enriching connections! Of course, participants can chat directly and/or schedule a (group) appointment, on-site or online in the virtual living room.

Steering the conversation in target groups

Give direction to conversations in the call function by defining topics, related to the program or participant profile. Assign individuals or let them choose and thus give them ideas. This is also how you discover who the biggest influencers are on certain topics.

Accelerate matchmaking with smart search filters

You know your target audience best! Request smart profile filters so participants find the right person faster. Or play matchmaker with recommendation filters and schedule specific meetings for your participants.

Breaking the ice for shy participants

Networkapp offers the “mutual favourite” option, a business-tinder for shy people. Mark someone as a favourite and if they do the same, the ice is broken and making contact becomes easier!

Programming speed dates by expert level or theme

Have participants schedule speed dates with experts, investors, speakers or sponsors, or offer themed tables. Arrange speed dates based on location or online, individually or in groups. Just read how Antor used this module for its online event.

Online networking between sessions

At the online Networking Square, all guests meet as easily as when entering or during breaks at a physical event. Visitors see each other with profile photos and information, and can chat or schedule one-on-one video meetings. The group composition adapts to the participants’ personal program. This creates relevant connections based on shared interests.

Easy online networking in the Networking Carousel

With our Networking Carousel you can pair up random participants for speed dating in a virtual room. Guests choose in how many rounds they want to participate, you determine the total number of rounds, time slot, session duration and group size. The event platform arranges random group layouts. The Networking Carousel is ideal for networking sessions, after-parties or group games.

With Networkapp, your participants can stay in touch anytime, anywhere

Whatever module you deploy, whatever stage of the event you are in, your participants can connect with each other at any time. This can be done via chat or by making an appointment. Appointments then take place physically (at a general meeting point either at assigned tables for a personal chat) or online, through our virtual living room. Networkapp is all about enabling truly valuable encounters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Networkapp does not own your personal data. We only employ your account data to enhance your use of the app, to provide you with an optimal network experience. Would you like to know more about our privacy policy? Please check our Privacy statement.
We are committed to encourage people to share thoughts & questions and connect. Meeting others is one of the main reasons to attend an event, although approaching strangers does not come easy for everybody. Our app helps unlock the knowledge potential that is often hidden in the group. And we can proudly claim that Networkapp has the most comprehensive, value for money offer in the market. Check out our plans and pricing  
  • With our event app attendees are able to prepare properly. See who else is attending and connect before the event starts. Attendees post questions, plan meetings and are up to date with the latest news you share.
  • The community app offers employees, event attendees, or other members the opportunity to stay in touch for a longer period of time. Within the safety of the community members share knowledge and information, ask questions on topics relating the purpose of the community. The community app also offers the possibility of using the event app and announcing events in the community calendar.
As the organiser of your event, you need to send your participants an invitation e-mail with download instructions and a personal or general code. This can be sent from the dashboard. Participants will need this code to access the event app.

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