How it Networks

Let the right people engage with each other and find relevant knowledge quickly and easily at events. Open up the Networkapp event platform a few weeks before your event and keep it available afterwards to make optimal use of the available network, before, during and after the event. These are the networking capabilities in Networkapp.

Knowledge sharing and networking opportunities in Networkapp

Facilitate networking between exhibitors and participants and among visitors with the various contact and networking opportunities in the Networkapp event platform. This way, valuable connections and unexpected connections are made.

Approachable introductions on the Networking Square

Think of it as the networking moment at the entrance or during a break of a live event: all guests meet each other in an accessible way on the (online) Networking Square. Everyone who visits this page in the event platform with an activated profile sees the other attendees with their photo and profile information. Getting acquainted can be done with a chat message or by planning a 1-on-1 video meeting. The forming of groups on the Network Square adapts to the personal programme of the participants. This way, relevant connections are made on the basis of a common factor and interest.

Accessible networking in the Network-Go-Round

De Netwerkcarrousel plaatst willekeurige deelnemers met één druk op de knop bij elkaar voor een The Network-Go-Round places random participants together for a speed date in a virtual room at the push of a button. A sort of ‘Business Tinder’. Your guests decide for themselves how many rounds they want to participate in, you decide the total number of rounds, time slot, duration of the session and how many people take place in the virtual room. You no longer need to make arbitrary group divisions: the event platform does that for you quickly and easily. The Network-Go-Round is ideal for networking sessions, chatting or playing games in groups.

Inspiration in the Virtual Meeting Room

Dialogue sessions are programmed in the Virtual Meeting Room. Here you can decide in which settings your colleagues, customers or relations will meet virtually. From living room to meeting room, hotel lobby to operating room: you choose what suits your group best. Select a maximum of 10 people per session to sit at the virtual table for an effective, involved and personal consultation. The room includes video chat, chat box and screen sharing.

Quick to the point with a knowledge call

On the forum participants can ask open questions in order to call upon the knowledge of all present participants. The search for knowledge is thus considerably shortened, because the knowledge from the network arrives directly at the participant. This can even lead to surprising encounters where the answer comes from an unexpected source. The person asking the question is helped swiftly and can contact the answerer(s) directly through a chat or a 1-on-1 video meeting.

At the table with experts, speakers and sponsors

Save some time by organising a meeting with the Networkapp’s speed-dating function. Schedule experts, speakers, sponsors or themes on one of the multiple time slots and let participants make appointments with who they want to meet. With or without prior voting, 1-on-1 meetings or in groups, all within the personal Virtual Meeting Room of the expert, sponsor or theme. See also how Antor used the module to schedule meetings with 23 traffic agencies.

Make matches with the relevant network through filters and recommendations

Specific knowledge, people, sessions, experts and sponsors are quickly found thanks to the smart filters. Determine in advance which skills and interests are desired by the participants, and with which tags themes can be found quickly during the event. Connect supply and demand easily based on this information and offer participants a recommended filter list with connections, exhibitors and sessions. After that, a personal meeting on the initiative of the participant can be planned in no time. Want to go one step further? Then take on the role of matchmaker and book specific meetings in advance.

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Some of our awesome client cases

Anouk Overbeek


“The nice thing about Networkapp’s virtual living rooms is that they look cozy and you can decorate them yourself to fit your branding. That makes it a lot more fun than a boring virtual meeting.”
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The ninth edition of Evenement HIER opgewekt was, for the first time, a completely online event in 2020. The mobile version of Networkapp was already used in previous live editions, now the organization opted for the desktop version for the online event. Much to the appreciation of the participants, who called it ‘the best online conference in corona times’.
Besides all the regular indispensable event qualities, Networkapp offers a number of unique features, for instance:
  • Targeted search in the attendee list through a filter
  • Targeted messaging
  • Extra exposure for your sponsors and partners
  • Photostream
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