Year-round connections and knowledge-sharing with a community

Imagine your entire organization directly in contact with one another within a single online platform. A safe and inspired environment, where meetings, knowledge sharing and collaborations are key. Add a simple link to a live, hybrid or online event and you have a complete community event platform at your fingertips. 

With Networkapp, you reach and connect all your participants at the right time, no matter where they are. Your participants will have access to their own online environment and can easily get in touch with participants. Networkapp offers a complete solution for your (online) community. 

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Network in your pocket

Networkapp is an online platform and mobile app. With a single account, members can effortlessly switch from the online version to the app on their phones. Their personal network at hand – whenever, wherever. This increases engagement and promotes live meetings between participants. Targeted promotions are also issued via the app and future events are announced in the event calendar. Ideal for reaching your target audience quickly and easily!

Networkapp multiplatform event platform

The perfect mix

Combine your online community with real events; live or online. Use the platform as a mix-and-match system featuring various meetings and gatherings. Within the community, participants sign up events such as a virtual roundtable discussion, networking carousel, talk show or event. Whether live or online. The flexibility is endless!

Sharing knowledge with the right people

Within a private community, members feel more comfortable sharing with one another than through a public social media channel. Members can easily get in touch within the app. What are they looking for and what do they have to offer? Through the extensive networking opportunities members quickly find who they need. Starting a chat puts them in direct contact with each other.

Plug & play

Kickstart your community with Networkapp. The platform is ready for you and you can jump right in with you own dashboard. Based on your visuals and requirements, Networkapp configure the foundation and from then on you manage your own community. With an accessible personal help desk for questions and tips.

Network app for any community

Wondering how you can add value to participants in your segment through Networkapp?
Look no further!

Increase your employees’ interaction and engagement with Networkapp. Networkapp provides a safe and trusted environment for all participants. Perfect for (international) organizations struggling to promote togetherness within different departments and cultures. Unlike a public forum, participants are quicker to share knowledge and expertise within private communities such as Networkapp. And because it’s so easy to connect with each other, Networkapp is more personal than intranet.

Accessible wherever and whenever

Thanks to the online platform and mobile app, participants are accessible anytime, anywhere. This is ideal for sending out information and news from the organization, as well as for mutual collaboration. Participants always have a useful network at their fingertips.

Bonding and common objective

Within the community, it’s all about having a common objective. With short lines of communication and innovative knowledge from different angles, participants work hard toward their common objective. The result? Engaged participants within your organization and deeper connections with the organization. This in turn leads to motivated employees who perform better!

Get to know each other

The online community makes it easy to get to know all your colleagues. Online participants create their own network quickly and easily. Through the smart filters, the app finds exactly the colleagues you need. This allows colleagues to better utilize each other’s network, knowledge and expertise!

Looking for an easy way to generate more contact moments and knowledge sharing within your association? Networkapp is here for you! Within the online community, you engage participants in specific topics and facilitate information sharing like never before. 

Trusted environment

Networkapp provides a trusted environment for sharing knowledge and expertise. Participants engage in conversation about complex issues or become inspired by each other’s stories. Separate discussion groups can be followed by topic, location or region.

Online and offline connections

People connect conveniently and with ease within the online community. Using a search engine, fun matchmaker and an open forum, the right people and knowledge are connected. Offline meetings are also organized with ease. The app is the perfect tool before, during and after in-person meetings!

Convenient sharing of relevant information

Updates within your area of interest? Within the app, it is easy to share general news, calendar appointments and offline meetings and events. And thanks to the online platform (for desktop or laptop) and the mobile app, all participants have the right information at hand anytime, anywhere.

As a government organization, quick and convenient interaction with colleagues is essential. Networkapp makes it easy to connect with the right people and share information. This ensures you are not passed from one department to the next, but have the knowledge and expertise of all your colleagues at hand. You can easily facilitate and maintain online, offline and hybrid meetings. This optimizes collaboration between different departments and creates a convenient network.

Knowledge and expertise

Within Networkapp, sharing and finding reliable knowledge is easy and value-added. A search engine, fun matchmaker and open forum are used to connect the right people and knowledge.

All in one

The platform links you to live meetings, online, offline or hybrid, such as an event, workshop or course. Both online and offline participants receive real-time information through the app, keeping them engaged.

Ideal collaboration tool

The online tool makes it easy to build a network because the app makes it easy to find like-minded people. Knowledge sharing and new collaborations have never been more accessible.

Ready to take your networking event to the next level ? and help your members attract new business opportunities? With Networkapp, your participants always have their ideal network at their fingertips. In the app, they connect with the people they are looking for, share knowledge and stay informed about new networking events. Networkapp also easily facilitates and maintains online, offline and hybrid meetings. Organizing your networking event has never been easier!

Quick access to new business opportunities

Within Networkapp, participants create their own ideal network. Using the search engine, fun matchmaker and open forum, people find exactly the individuals they want to meet and talk to. In the app, you can chat, schedule a meeting and store the details of the right contacts. New business opportunities are targeted quickly and with ease!

All in one platform

Thanks to the online platform and mobile app, participants can be reached anytime, anywhere. Ongoing access to real-time information and simple registration for new events. The platform links you to live meetings (online, offline or hybrid), such as a workshop or course. Both online and offline participants receive real-time information through the app and remain involved in the event.

Knowledge sharing

Within a private community, members feel more comfortable sharing with one another than through a public social media channel. By posting in the forum, people can ask each other for help and support one other with difficult challenges.

For every organization, large or small

Whether you are a for-profit corporate, want to bring together a non-profit organization or want to take your association to the next level ; anything is possible! Wondering how Networkapp has helped different organizations? Read the stories of our satisfied customers!

We are here for every organization, large or small. Are you interested in learning more about our networking opportunities? Get in touch and share your plans! We look forward to discussing the potential of Network app in your organization. 

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Some of our awesome client cases

Martijn Beckers

Founder & managing director of Building G100 and CREME Nederland

“The big advantage of the community is that members can ask each other questions. They can share very specialist knowledge with like-minded colleagues. That’s what it’s all about. With the app, we take our platform to the next level in a safe environment.”
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We helped Building G100 and CREME NL with building a community app to support information processes (acquisition and distribution) for Building G100 & CREME NL. With the help of Networkapp, the management of Building G100 is now able to quickly and securely share information with the members of the community. Connection and communication between the members has become faster and easier. While group involvement has increased because the majority of the members have downloaded the app. Read more
  • With our event app attendees are able to prepare properly. See who else is attending and connect before the event starts. Attendees post questions, plan meetings and are up to date with the latest news you share.
  • The community app offers employees, event attendees, or other members the opportunity to stay in touch for a longer period of time. Within the safety of the community members share knowledge and information, ask questions on topics relating the purpose of the community. The community app also offers the possibility of using the event app and announcing events in the community calendar.
We are committed to encourage people to share thoughts & questions and connect. Meeting others is one of the main reasons to attend an event, although approaching strangers does not come easy for everybody. Our app helps unlock the knowledge potential that is often hidden in the group. And we can proudly claim that Networkapp has the most comprehensive, value for money offer in the market. Check out our plans and pricing  
For sure! Our dedicated team is ready to assist in any technical issues your participants may encounter. Contact us
Security is no joke for Networkapp. We safeguard your data and all the documents shared during your event in a discreet and secure way. Find out more about our security policy.

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