Building G100 community to the next level with Networkapp

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Building G100 is the independent end-user platform for professionals involved in management and maintenance of building automation and management systems. Their strength lies in the fact that they are like-minded and want to share knowledge.

CREME Nederland is an independent end-user platform for Corporate Real Estate Managers involved in the housing and real estate sector on a strategic level.


Building G100 community was using solely its website in order to inform and promote its members for the events and activities of the G100 community. Due to the growth of the G100 community, Martijn Beckers, founder & managing director of Building G100 and CREME Nederland, was in search of a tool that would allow them to upgrade the experience of the community members. Thus, together with Martijn we mapped out all the challenges that he and the network was facing. 

Both communities needed an app partner that would:

  • Help scale the information gathering and distribution processes within the G100 community. At the same time, the team also needed a tool through which they could help them share information before, during and after their event’s, effortlessly;
  • Ease the workloads of G100 event’s registration process;
  • A partner to provide a secure and easy to use community app that will safeguard the communication among the community members while easing Martijn’s workload of sending emails and maintaining contact with the members;
  • Enable them to further improve the interaction between the members and thus increase the network’s engagement and commitment.

Martijn Beckers Martijn quote about the G100 and CREME Nederland Networkapp community:

The Networkapp ensures that I am in constant contact with all our members. The big advantage of the community is that members can ask each other questions. They can share very specialist knowledge with like-minded colleagues. That’s what it’s all about. With the app, we take our platform to the next level in a safe environment. ”


After defining the problems and the desired solutions needed for the Building G100 network community, we started designing the app so it would  tackle all of the challenges the community was facing. 

Thus we helped G100 and CREME Nederland with:

Reliable coordination of the information processes (gathering and distributing) for Building G100 & CREME NL events. Using Networkapp, Building G100 team is now able to hand out information to their community members fast and securely. 

Secure the information exchange within the Building G100 community. Community members are able to share many files and documents with each other knowing that we are committed to high security standards  

Connection and communication among the members of the group has become faster and easier while the engagement of the group has increased as the majority of the members has downloaded the app. 

When we ask Martijn what the Building G100 members value in the app, he tells us that users appreciate the app amongst other things for its:

  • clarity
  • intelligibility
  • accessibility 
  • user-friendliness
Building G100 community


Interactions taking place in the app prior to the Building G100 and CREME NL events are numerous. Meetings and questions are proposed on event level, while personalised recommendations based on attendees profiles form an important element to boost interactivity.

In numbers:

  • One of the core ingredients of Building G100 community’s success is the record number of app activations amongst members. Specifically, 89% of Building G100 community members have activated and using Networkapp on a weekly basis. 
  • The total amount of active users has substantially increased during the time that G100 community is active. Currently, the active users of Building G100 community are more than 150. 

Looking forward

Our cooperation with Building G100 has been a mutual success so far. We are working on several new features and possibilities that potentially further increase the engagement within the community, ease the workload for event registrations and provide extra training to G100 community on how to more effectively use all Networkapp’s possibilities. 

Plans for G100 as network; 


  • Event registration limit in community at reach maximum event participants
  • Community profile data transferred to events

and future projects:

  • Easier registration and cancellation for events within community, come in by date.
  • Plug-ins with website 
  • Training in Networkapp possibilities

"The big advantage of the community is that members can ask each other questions. They can share very specialist knowledge with like-minded colleagues. That's what it's all about. With the app, we take our platform to the next level in a safe environment."

Martijn Beckers, Founder & managing director of Building G100 and CREME Nederland