Live voting for events with Networkapp

Live Voting: Hét interactieve middel om mensen betrokken te houden

Connecting participants and keeping them involved at an event and during a presentation is a challenge.
We know! Hence we present our own Live Voting module.

At Networkapp we noticed that our customers increasingly felt the need to get the audience involved in a presentation or event. But we also saw that event organisers were reluctant to use the technology. After all, so many things can go wrong and there are so many other things to worry about.

Therefore Networkapp decided to develop a Live Voting feature in addition to the existing in-app polling. A tool that can be operated from the existing dashboard with two clicks of a button. Simple and effective.

“Well, I’ve seen a lot of live voting systems but this is by far the nicest and easiest one”
Maarten van de Ven – Audio technicus & Eigenaar Stagetechnics

What our Live Voting tool will bring you:

You are always in control!

Truly you don’t need us!
The system is self-explanatory. In fact, with our or your instruction, the present technician or presenter can personally operate the voting session.

Would you like to check sentiment in a plenary session or present an award? In this case set up one clear session within the Advanced plan.

Why not give all your speakers the option to use Live voting during their sessions? Not to mention the possibility for you to make optimal use of everything that Networkapp has to offer? Go for our Pro Plan and create as many Live Voting sessions as you want.

Build your event app demo in less than 15 minutes and try it out with your team.




Try it now. No strings attached!