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Comfortable networking with a handy digital conference book

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Meet all guests online on the network plaza and in virtual living rooms via our user-friendly platform

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One-day event
Multi-day event
The unlimited package offers more extensive options to best support a complex multi-day event.
Your look and feel
Give the event your own look and feel by adding your logo, banners and adjusting colours
Programme & speaker list
Detailed programme information with parallel sessions and speakers list with detailed bio information.
Personal programme
Personalised programme for sessions and presentations based on participants’ profiles and interests. Expandable with a recommendation for a personal programme (unlimited).
Integration livestreams & virtual 3D rooms
Place your own live stream, recorded videos and/or the Networkapp 3D virtual living rooms or talk shows behind each session. For online events, we work from the advanced package onwards.
Seating and capacity management
Allocation of participants to sessions and/or session selection by participants related to maximum capacity of rooms.
Floor plan & meeting points
Display a floorplan of the venue and an exhibitor floor plan. A dynamic floor plan falls under the unlimited package.
Additional programme-related info
Add additional information to the event, such as directories, banners, brochures and videos.
Clear presentation of abstracts*
Manually add abstracts and assign them to a programme item. Or let us help you with reading or set up the automated link with abstract handling software from third parties we work with (depending on the complexity, this requires a few extra hours of support from Networkapp).
No in-house designer? Ask us about the possibilities.


Essential plan
Advanced plan
Unlimited plan
Profile enrichment with questions
Don’t create a maze for your attendees. Use the ‘start networking roadmap’ to help your participants find the right person. The first step is profile enrichment. In the Unlimited package, this makes it possible to send targeted push messages.
Search filter in participant list
You know your target audience best! Request smart profile filters so participants find the right person faster.
Matchmaking suggestions based on profiles
Play matchmaker with recommendation filters and schedule specific meetings for your participants.
Break the ice with ‘mutual favourite’
Networkapp offers the “mutual favourite” option, a business-tinder for shy people. Mark someone as a favourite and if they do the same, the ice is broken and making contact becomes easier!
Group forum
Participants ask (open) questions through the forum, benefiting from everyone’s knowledge and quickly finding the right person. Of course, participants can chat directly and/or schedule a (group) appointment, on-site or online in the virtual living room.
Group forum by interest group
Give direction to conversations in the call function by defining topics, related to the program or participant profile. Assign individuals or let them choose and thus give them ideas. This is also how you discover who the biggest influencers are on certain topics.
Photo and video sharing on the forum
Expand the group forum by letting your participants post photos and videos for even more experience.
Chat and smart appointments module
Participants can communicate with each other via chat before, during and after the event or schedule an appointment in advance for during the event at a meeting point of your choice.
Speed dates table reservation
Save time and give your participants more privacy by letting participants book their personal speed dating table (Unlimited pakket).
Speed dates with experts in programme
Have participants schedule speed dates with experts, investors, speakers or sponsors, or offer themed tables. Arrange speed dates based on location or online, individually or in groups.
Personal network overview
During the event, all your contacts made will be saved so you can follow up on them after the event.
Virtual network plaza
At the online Network plaza, all guests meet as easily as when entering or during breaks at a physical event. Visitors see each other with profile photos and information, and can chat or schedule one-on-one video meetings. The group composition adapts to the participants’ personal program. This creates relevant connections based on shared interests.
Video meeting in virtual living room
You decide in which setting your colleagues, customers or relations virtually meet. From living room to meeting room, hotel lobby to OR, you choose what suits your company best.
Virtual networking carousel
Automatically connect the right people for unexpected meetings and ultimate networking opportunities. In Networkapp’s virtual rooms, you decide which setting best suits your event. Customised artwork possible.


Essential plan
Advanced plan
Unlimited plan
Engage your participants by posing questions prior to, during, and after the event to gather insights into their expectations or to initiate dialogue.
Polls & evaluations based on participant profile
Ask your participants targeted questions based on the programme item or their profile information.
Live voting
Engage in interaction! Let participants vote via the Live Voting module. Ask open and closed questions and receive instant answers from the audience.
1 session
Live Event Feed (narrowcasting)
Our Live Event Feed shows in real time on a big screen what is happening during your event, such as: programme information, sponsors, polls, networking opportunities, calls, and more.
You can share a survey via Networkapp (or through an external tool) to collect feedback.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

Essential plan
Advanced plan
Unlimited plan
Exhibitor list (+ logo & stand number)
The exhibitor list shows the exhibitors with logo and stand number.
Exhibitor page (standard) including categories
Exhibitors can present themselves with a company description and link to their website. Define exhibitor categories to make a distinction between different exhibitors visible.
Exhibitor page (promotion)
Exhibitors can present themselves with a company description and link to their website. Define exhibitor categories to make a distinction between different exhibitors visible.
Exhibitor map
Possibility to upload a floor plan including stand numbers.
Dynamic Exhibitor floor plan (incl. linking exhibitors)
The digital exhibition floor provides a visual overview of all exhibitors and sponsors, and promotes lead generation through the ability to make appointments at the stands (recommendations based on profile information are possible).
Extra promotion banners
Give your exhibitors extra promotional opportunities for their organisation with an advertising banner on the event homepage.
Branded virtual living room for exhibitors
During online events, a virtual living room can be created in house style for an exhibitor. This is interesting for presentations, in-depth sessions and/or round-table discussions.
on request
on request

Onboarding & Communications

Essential plan
Advanced plan
Unlimited plan
Importing participants via Excel
Import your registrations by uploading an Excel. Mutations can then be easily processed via the dasboard, so you always keep an overview.
Import participants via form or external tool
Use our simple registration form or create a link to an external tool. You set up this link easily yourself via our dashboard, without our help. That saves you time and hassle. Is your software partner not yet listed? No problem! We will gladly explore the possibilities together.
Activation of participants in own corporate identity
The activation e-mail can be sent in your own branding. The dashboard tracks the participant’s activation status.
Email messages
You share more general information easily via an email message.
Push and news items
Send general information, activating texts and other news via the app. You easily set up the push notifications in advance through our dashboard.
Push and news items per profile
Send targeted information to a group of participants via a targeted message. This is useful, for example, for targeted polls, workshops, invitations to a demo, programme changes, or promotion of an exhibitor’s services.
Social media icons
Inform your participants on your social media channels, make sure you have a nice communication mix.

Support & Service

Essential plan
Advanced plan
Unlimited plan
Free intake interview
During the intake, we ask about your goals and expectations for your event. We can then advise you on how best to set up the app. If you wish, we can also help you set up your event.
Free Event check
During the event check, we walk through the entire event with you one more time to dot the i’s.
Help articles
Are you setting up your event yourself? Then we offer help articles to get you started and Tips & Tricks for inspiration.
Support via chat and phone
We are here for you if you have any questions. We can be reached via chat, dashboard and phone (on working days). If necessary, you can also hire additional support.
Curious about the interactions during the event? The dashboard gives you insight into network activation, networking activity and evaluation.
Comprehensive reporting
Comprehensive reports give you insight into, for example, workshop scheduling, polls, live voting and more extensive user statistics.


Extra services

Networkapp likes to go the extra mile, anything to let you organise your ideal event!
We can offer the services below. Get in touch for a targeted quote.
Project management

Easily set up your event yourself, but are you short of time? Outsource some or all of it to us!

Import of abstracts & programme

We support you with loading and updating your abstracts, programme and speakers.


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