1. How many participants are you inviting?

2. Which plan suits you?


Would you like your guests to genuinely connect with eachother and discover what it has resulted in?

  • Networking


Quick and easy: A personal programme for every guest and a neat app.

  • Networking
  • Personalisation


Get a full house with targeted communication. Make your target group know-how count.

  • Networking
  • Personalisation
  • Targeting

3. Optional

Show live what's happening at your event



The following highlights shown on large screens in your look & feel:

  • Participant quests
  • Current programme
  • Poll results
  • Group composition
  • Connections made
  • Most active networkers
  • Logos
  • Tweets

Design the app yourself or rather outsource it?

Outsource it

Outsource it

Networkapp is easy! But if you lack time and like to get everything out of it, Jooske and Iris will take it off your hands:

  • Connecting your guests: we'll show all available knowledge
  • Informing your guests: we'll design a neat programme
  • Engage your guests: we'll invite them together