I am attending an event

Security is no joke for Networkapp. We safeguard your data and all the documents shared during your event in a discreet and secure way. Find out more about our security policy.

Of course! Our dedicated team is ready to assist in any request/ comment or question that you may have before, during and after your event. Get in touch with us.

For sure! Our dedicated team is ready to assist in any technical issues your participants may encounter. Contact us

We are committed to encourage people to share thoughts & questions and connect. Meeting others is one of the main reasons to attend an event, although approaching strangers does not come easy for everybody. Our app helps unlock the knowledge potential that is often hidden in the group.

And we can proudly claim that Networkapp has the most comprehensive, value for money offer in the market. Check out our plans and pricing


The event organisation administers the code. Contact the organisation if you did not receive a code.

If contactdetails are unknown please email us at Clearly state your own and the event name.

There are several problems and solutions at hand:

  • You did not yet create an acount. The (personal) eventcode is not the password. You received the code from the event organisation and should enter this in the homescreen of the app after registering.
  • You have yet to create a password, or you might have forgotten. Apply for a new password by clicking Forgot password. Follow the instructions your received in an e-mail and enter the eventcode in the app.
  • Last time you registered with LinkedIn and are now tryuing to acces the app through e-mail. Login with your LinkedIn details or apply for a new password on the new account you want to use.

Please contact us at

Please include the following information:

  • Your make and model device
  • A description of the error (include a screenshot if possible)
  • The event or community you will be using Networkapp for
  • Whether you succeeded to create an account in the app

As there are many things that can cause issues, please check out our troubleshooting guide.

Did you upload your profilepicture with LinkedIn? You might have to upload it again.
Go to My profile in the app welcome screen. Select Update LinkedIn data. This will be a one-time only, your picture will remain available from now on.


Please contact us at with any question regarding the usage of Networkapp.

You can find Networkapp in the app store for your device.  You can also open on your device to download the correct app.

If you can not use Networkapp on a mobile device or if you want to use Networkapp on your desktop, please use the online version of the app on

You can download Networkapp in the PlayStore (Android), Appstore (iOS/Apple). Not sure where you can find the right version? Open on your device and find the right versions.

Yes, Networkapp and Netwerkapp are both available in the appstore because of the Dutch and International market. Depending on the settings of your device you will either get the English version or the Dutch one and the cooresponding language setting. If necessary, change the langiage setting in My Profile after installing the app.

Would you like to register with LinkedIn on all devices?

  • Install Networkapp on 1 of your devices and register with LinkedIn.
  • Install Networkapp on your other device(s) and sign in with your LinkedIn log-in data.

Would you like to register with email on all devices?

  • Install Networkapp on 1 of your devices and register with an e-mail.
  • Set up a new password in my profile. 
  • Install Networkapp on your other device(s) and sign in with your e-maillog-in data.
  • The event organisation determines what information should be visible in the participantlist. You entered this information when you registered. The organisation can also choose to request further information to enrich participant profiles by asking questions in the app.
  • If you don't want to be visible on the participantlist in the app go to My profile and change your privacy settings. You can also indicate if you are available for chats.

Networkapp does not own your personal data. We only employ your account data to enhance your use of the app, to provide you with an optimal network experience. Would you like to now more about our privacy policy?Please check our Privacy statement en/of de gebruikersovereenkomst.

After downloading and registering in Networkapp, activate the event (or community) by entering the code you received from the event (or community) organisation.

Contact the eventorganisation if you did not receive a code.

Open Networkapp on your device and enter the code you received in the top right of the homescreen + New Code. The icon of the event you are attending this time will appear in the list on the homescreen.

Change your email registration to LinkedIn via My Profile. Networkapp will automatically retreive your LinkedIn foto and most recent position and company.

I am an organizer

  • With our event app attendees are able to prepare properly. See who else is attending and connect before the event starts. Attendees post questions, plan meetings and are up to date with the latest news you share.
  • The community app offers employees, event attendees, or other members the opportunity to stay in touch for a longer period of time. Within the safety of the community members share knowledge and information, ask questions on topics relating the purpose of the community. Besides many other options, the community manager shares news items, important documents and announces upcoming events in the community agenda.

Besides all the regular indispensable event qualities, Networkapp offers a number of unique features, for instance:

  • Targeted search in the attendee list through a filter
  • Targeted messaging
  • Extra exposure for your sponsors and partners
  • Photostream

And many more. Curious about all our features? Start your trial version and try it with your colleagues.

Networkapp offers the possibility to personalize your event or community app. Add an icon and other images, choose your 2 main colours and set up the app in your own, or company's style.

Find out about all our features, start a trial here

As an organiser you send your attendees an invitation mail with instructions and personal code. After having registered for the app participants enter the code and they will access the event surroundings.

You can also create a general (shared) code to communicate during the event.

Participants can be uploaded into and invited from the dashboard.


Networkapp does not offer a white label app. The app will carry it's own Networkapp logo in the app store. Within the app attendees can enter different events as long as organisers make use of the app. All community and event apps can be personalised.

Networkapp does not own your personal data. We only use account data to optimise Networkapp use to guarantee you and your participants the best networkexperience. Want to know more? Check our Privacy statement en/of de gebruikersovereenkomst.

Participants or community members are welcome to contact us by emailing for technical questions and advice. For instance when the app gives an error

Substantive questions about the event or community should be directed to the event or community organiser.


Would you like more assistance with managing your community or setting up the event app? Or do you just lack the time to create the event app? We can take the app set up off your hands. Send us your programme en specific wishes and we will draw up an non binding offer.

You can easily manage your eventapp or community in our dashboard. But you don't have to do it all on your own. We are at your disposal to answer your question and give advice. Just click the supportchat in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Networkapp is an iOS and Android native app on your phone. We also offer a web based version available on The latter can also be deployed for desktop systems.

To add, change or retrieve data there is an API available. It is avalailable for most data concerning an event. For instance, participant lists, invitation codes, programma items and exhibitor lists.

Email us at for more information.

Contact in case of an error message or use the button Ask your question' below.

Use or mention the emailaddress on which you are registered in the dashboard.

Would you like to set up an event app? Start a trial and try out all our features with your colleagues. Register with your emailaddress and get started!

Like what you see? Click 'Order now' in the top right corner of the dashboard and place your order.

Interested in the community app? Email your ideas to We will contact you and talk over all possibilities.

Like what you hear? We will set up a preliminary design which you can then make your own.

Would you like to try our Event app? Register with email and start a trial with your colleagues. Click 'Order now' in the top right corner of the dashboard if you like what you see and place your order.

Does a community app better suit your purpose? Email us your ideas at we will contact you and discuss all possibilities. If you like what you hear we will start setting up your preliminary community app design, which you can then make your own.

With our trial version you can try out all Networkapp features with 5 colleagues.

Convinced? Place your order in the top right corner of the dashboard at Order now.

The event app closes a month after the event. Until then participants can keep on connecting.

Have your participants not yet finished talking to each other, think about the community. A community offers the possibility to stay in touch all year round and share knowledge, news, list events etc. You can extend your community every year.

You will find a pricing overview here.

Send us your event programme or community purpose and we will draw up a non-binding offer.

Is your question not listed? We are happy to help you.
Iris Tip
Customer Care Manager