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Virtual Meeting Room

Make virtual meetings and presentations personal again.
You decide in which settings your colleagues, customers or relations virtually meet. From living room to meeting room, hotel lobby to OR, you choose what suits your company best.

Meeting Mood of the Virtual Meeting Rooms

Networkapp Virtuele Huiskamer - beursstand

You define the setting and style

Wether it is virtual or in person, meeting and networking is something you want to do in your own setting and style. With Networkapp’s virtual meeting space you are able to customize the virtual surroundings of your meeting to make it fit your branding or meeting mood. Use the meeting room for business meetings with colleagues, acquisition conversations, round table discussions, intervision or networking drinks. In this group conversation, everyone simply takes a seat at the table, where there is room for 10 people.

Networkapp Virtuele Huiskamer - boardroom

Fully equipped

The meeting room has various functionalities, which can be used without having to download or install anything. From a group chat, to screen sharing or sharing and viewing brochures, which you can ‘lay’ on the digital table yourself. You are in control of the room decor by adding your own logos or replacing the entire back wall. From meeting room to theater, operating room to beach pavilion, you decide what suits your company best.

Networkapp Virtuele Huiskamer - office city view

Endless possibilities

Combined with the network carousel, the possibilities of the virtual meeting room extend almost as far as your own creativity. This is where you bring together a group of people with a shared interest or assignment. Think about preliminary or follow-up discussions connected to a webinar, round table sessions where the table party changes after a certain time, staff meetings and digital network drinks, or small-scale presentations to a changing group.

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Stand alone or combined

You can use the virtual living room as stand alone solution, or in combination with the Network square and other functionalities from the Networkapp platform.
This way you can expand your digital meeting into a hybrid or online event, complete with networking opportunities, match-making and speed dating.

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