create a banner (Advanced/Unlimited)

Creating a banner is a feature of the Advanced or Unlimited plan.
Check our pricing page for more information about our plans and current rates

To give your participants extra information, you can create a banner.
Think for example of travel information, catering/menu information or to refer directly to a website.

Go to Event Content – Custom Content

1. Click

2. Name the banner

3. Enter a banner image with size 640×88 at Logo (a) If you prefer to show only the name in a bar with primary color then leave it blank (b)
a.  b.

4. If you want to link directly to a website/pdf enter the URL or upload the pdf at Hyperlink.

You can only link directly to a website/pdf if you leave the Description field empty.

5. If you have multiple banners and you want to show them in a certain order in the app, enter the position in Position

Click Save