Add event information

Go to Event content ->Tab Info

Fill in all general information about your event.

Event name: the event name as shown in the app
Start: start date and time of the event
End: end date and time of the event
Timezone: the timezone in which the event takes place
Language: Language setting in the app (dashboard is by default in English)
Event URL: website where the participants can learn more about the event

You can offer multiple languages in the app. Select the languages you want available. The default buttons in the app will show the default setting of the user.

Note: This does not include self published texts such as General description, but only for the programmed Networkapp texts/buttons.

General description: Give a general description of the event
Show information text: The general description of the event(zie General description) is visible under a separate button (‘On separate information page’) or on the Homepage of the event app (‘On event home’).

Welcome text: This text will be shown one time when the participant opens the Networkapp for the first time. For example, shortly welcome the participants to the event, tell them what  Networkapp consists of, the opportunities within the app for the participants and expectations from you as event organizer of the participants.

Event location: Fill in the information of the venue

Social media: This link explains how to you can include the URL’s of the Social media related to your event