Create a logo carousel

 Go to Event content -> Promotion -> Carrousel

Here you will also find the list of Exhibitors that have been selected to run in the carousel in the app.

You can add to it by clicking on at the top of your screen (See help article Create exhibitorlist for more info)

Add Item:

Name Sponsor/partner etc name

Location Where is the exhibitor’s stand (see help article Place map for more info)

Description Give a description of the exhibitor or place an advertisement as an image

E-mail Contact email address (this can only be 1 address, on the sponsor page in the app a banner will be shown with the possibility to send an email)

Hyperlink Enter the URL of the exhibitor’s website. When you click on the logo via the carousel in the app, you will be linked to the relevant website. Note: If you have also filled in an email address, the hyperlink overrules unless you have also filled in the Description and/or Header, in which case it creates an exhibitors page and you will be taken from the carousel to that page. Is this the intention?
Then fill in the information below as well:

Content Links If you want to share a pdf or a video on the sponsor page, you can add it via Add Content Link. This will be shown as a map on the sponsor page and will be opened in-app.

Logo place an exhibitor logo (jpg or png size 274×108).

Header Image for Detail Screen Upload a header image that will appear at the top of the exhibitor’s detail page (jpg or png size 640×480).

App Listing Positions:

In directory Is checked by default, uncheck if the exhibitor does not need to be included in the list.

On carousel This is selected by default when you create a logo carousel via this route

Featured When you want to lock one logo in the carousel, so that it does not rotate but is always visible, select this option
Note this is part of the Advanced Package and Unlimited Package.

Show as banner Check when the logo should appear as a separate banner on the home page of the event. Make sure that the size of the logo is the same as for a header (jpg or png size 640×88).
Note this is a part of the Advanced/Unlimited plan

Position If desired, indicate the position at which the exhibitor should be included in the exhibitor list.


Parent If you have created a directory and choose the directory here, the sponsor will also be placed in this directory. In the app you will see a banner (directory) with the sponsors you have selected from the carousel. Please note that you must also select In directory above

Show on narrowcasting (Live Event Feed) Check when the exhibitor should to be visible via narrowcasting on a screen at the event.

  1. Click Save
  2. Repeat for other exibitors

Carrousel logo’s in exhibitorlijst

You can place the logos that you rotate in the carousel at the top of the exhibitor list:
1. Go to Promotion

2. Select option ‘Yes repeat all at the top’ in the pull down menu Repeat all carousel items on exhibitors screen.

3. In addition, enter the name for these exhbitors at Carousel label (e.g. ‘main sponsors’).

4. By default, the entries you place under carousel will also appear in the exhibitor list. If you have them repeated at the top of the exhibitor list, they will appear twice. If you don’t want this to happen, uncheck the option In directory in the item in question.