set up session rounds and selectable sessions

Go to Programme-> Tab Programme

  1. Click Add Session Round
  2. Give it a name, fi Workshops Round 1
  3. Enter beginning and end time
  4. Add a tag if you are using this feature in the app (see help article Tags for more info)
  5. When this round is mandatory for everyone select Mandatory attendance
    Note: Participants will not be able to plan meetings with eachother during the time of this round.
  6. Sorting Order when there are different parallel session rounds at the same time (rounds not sessions) you can put them in a specific order.
  7. Display category If this round is part of an alternative programme running along side the regular programme enter the alternative programme name (see help article Alternatief programma for more information)
  8. Click Create

Add sessions/workshops to a session round:

  1. Go back to Programme -> Tab Programme
  2. Find the session round and click
  3. Enter the available information (see help article Programma inrichten for more information on all the input fields)
  4. Optional: With Type the session can be changed to speed date session (see help article Speeddate for more info)
  5. At Round you’ll find the round under wchic you placed this session. Change if needed.
    Note  When you move a session to another session round, the exact time needs to bee manually adjusted
    You will recognise a session with diffferent begin and end time then the round under which it is placed in the Programme overview eby an exclamation mark
  6. Click Create
  7. Repeat for more sessions