Delete duplicate participants

It may happen that a participant appears twice in the dashboard list of participants.
For example, if the participant creates an account using a different e-mail address than the one on which he received the invitation.
Or when the participant has created a new account on two different devices.

There are two ways to remove duplicates:

A) via Match up duplicates (Recommended)

B) via the dashboard participant list

Match up Duplicates

 Go to Invitation > Tab Match up duplicates

1. Search for the name and click on the pull-down menu

3. Select the correct name (this will be the name and e-mail address corresponding with the participant import)

4. Afterwards click on  below on the page

5. You will find one active participant in the participant list

Participant list

 Go to Participants -> Tab List

1. Search for the duplicate on the participant list

2. If one of the double entries is active, and one is inactive, determine if the active account is actually the account to be retained. The active account should be the same as the imported data.

3. When the active account is the correct one, click on the pull-down menu to delete the wrong account.

4. A pop-up will show with a warning, click Confirm if the wrong participant account can be deleted.

Please note: if an invite has been sent to the inactive deleted e-mail address, the event code displayed in that e-mail address will no longer be usable.