Organise your team in the dashboard

Do you have colleagues who should also be able to customize the content in the event or the community? Then add them as managers.

Add managers

Go to Get Organised -> tab Team roles

  1. Enter the first name, surname and e-mail address of the colleague in question
  2. Specify her or his role
  3. Click Send Invite

An instruction email will be send to your colleaugue

Change manager/editor to primary owner (owner and invoice recipient)

The (primary) event owner can add other managers and place orders (Check out help article Dashboard authorisations per role)

Clickbehind the person in question.

Change owner to Manager/Editor

Click behind owner in questio. Enter his or her details again at Invite team members select the correct role and click Send Invite

Please note there should always be one “Primary owner”. When the person in question is no longer available as  primary owner, he or she should select a new primary owner, before deleting. Click behind the entry that should be removed as primary owner

Delete manager/ Editor

Click behind the name in question.