Set up meeting points in the app

There will always be a meeting points button visible in the eventapp info. There for we recommend to set up at least one meeting point, f.i. Registrationdesk

Go to Programme> tab Meetingpoints

One meeting point is already set up:

Click Edit to change the item:

  1. Name the meeting point f.i. Registrationdesk
  2. Optional: upload a photo to make it more recognisable. You can always add this later.
  3. Leave Type on ‘default,’ Meeting points for ‘speed date’ are only intended and visible for speed date session.
  4. Click Save
  5. Optional: Click Add meetingpoint to add another meeting point

Meeting point will be shown in the app in order of time created

Meetingpoints screen explanation

Give a short explanation about the meeting points and how participants can plan appointments with each other.