Use in-app poll questions to get feedback from your participants

Before and during the event you may want to stay informed about the opinions and experiences of your participants. Through in-app polls you can get these answers and opinions.

Besides that, there is the possibility to enable an external Live voting module via the app.

 Go to Engage -> Tab Poll

  1. Click on  to set the settings of your poll.
  2. Fill in as desired:
    Button label Rename your poll if desired
    Introduction text Shortly describe the goal of the poll and add a short instruction.
    Confirmation text Enter a text that participants will see after filling in the poll questions. For example a thank you.
    Header image Upload an image that will be displayed above the poll questions visible in the app.
    Button visibility Indicate when the button that links to the poll questions should be visible.‘Auto, when at least one question visible and unanswered’, the poll button remains visible until all questions are answered.‘Always visible’ the poll button is always visible in the app.‘Never’ the poll button is never visible (select this option when the poll questions are not allowed to be available to participants yet. Tick one of the other two boxes when it’s time for participants to answer the questions).
  3. Click on Save
  4. Click under tab Poll & Vote on 
  5. (Add targeted question is part of the Unlimited package)
  6. Choose the desired questions form and fill the fields
  7. In Display Results Options you can indicate how the results of the poll should be visible in the app

    ‘No’ Results are not shown in the app, only visible to dashboard managers
    ‘Immediately after answering the question’ the result of the poll will be shown after each question has been answered
    ‘In a result screen after answering all questions’ the results of the poll will be shown in the app when the participant has answered all poll questions
    ‘Both after the question and at the end’ the results will be presented in the app after answering the question and at the end of the entire poll. Please note the results of all answers will not be refreshed live, so participants will see the results of that particular moment. To update the results, participants have to leave the app and re-enter the app.
  8. Click on Save

To view the answers to the poll questions (as dashboard manager) click on View Answers at the top right. You can save the overview page as pdf or download it as an excel file. Click Download anwers to download it as an excel file.

Delete answers

1. Click on the question of which the given answers should be deleted

2. Click at the top on  

3. Click Ok

4. All answers are now deleted, they can no longer be downloaded.