Choose your path in Road Map

When you start a new trial event, you will be asked which way you want to go

The Shortcut

Short cut

The shortcut is a just what it says, a shortcut. It will take you about 15 minutes to set it up. You follow the road when you want to implement the essential features of the app quickly. You can do this for example, because you want to show your client the possibilities. Or because you want to get to know the dashboard fast.

The Middle Road

If you have more time on your hands and want to master the dashboard, take the Middle Road, which will take you 1 hour to complete. You will then be guided along a more extensive package of features. Together with your colleagues you can try out more features.

Middle Road

The Full Journey

Are you convinced and do you want to go all the way? Go for the Full Journey. You get to know all the ins and outs of the dashboard and the app. At the end of the road, your complete app will be ready for you.

Full Journey

On your way

Depending on the road you have chosen there will be an overview of steps on the Road map page. This way you will have a pointer to follow, that will guide you through the different features the app has to offer. When you have set up a feature you will see a check in the overview.

You can take a different path at any time during the trial phase. For example, if you start with a short cut, you can always continue on the Middle Road or Full Journey after following that or even halfway through your short cut.