tag programme items and create a programme search filter

You can tag programme items. With this tag you can give the programme item a theme for example. Participants can filter by programme tags and easily find the desired program items.

Go to Programme -> tab Tags

  1. Click Manage tag groups
  2. Enter an umbrella name at Name, for example ‘workshop’ or ‘theme’.
  3. If necessary, indicate an order when filter groups should be shown in a certain order in the app
  4. Click Add Tag
  5. Click on the Tags tab again. Under Category, select the filter group under which the tag should be placed, for example ‘Theme’.
  6. In Tag, type in the appropriate filter item, e.g. ‘Sustainability’.
  7. At Order, the position of the tag in the filter menu of the app, can be indicated.
  8. With Color you give the tag a color to recognize it in the app.
  9. Click Add tag and repeat until all tags are created.
  10. In the program item you link the desired tag by clicking ‘Add tag’.