Case Stories

A fixed programme or options open?

The program is only definite at the last moment and we want our guests to make a well-considered choice from what our programme has to offer. How do I keep a grip on the available space? And how do I make sure that there no speakers in fron[..]
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Interaction and Engagement

Our solution Set a good example. If you want the audience to be actively involved, make sure that the speakers and organisers are active on Networkapp beforehand. Have them place relevant messages about the subject matter in advance. Durin[..]
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Direct revenue through Networkapp

"Networkapp resulted in direct additional revenue for me. How? Prior to an innovation event I posted a quest in the app. My question: ‘Would you like to learn more about opportunities with tidal energy for the Dutch industry then let's m[..]
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Benefit from available knowledge

“Our international participants used Networkapp during the LESI Annual Conference 2015 in Brussels. It’s a very efficient tool for networking and making contacts. They shared questions and made use of the large amount of knowledge avai[..]
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