ON Helix Boosts Conference Experience with Smart Connections

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ON Helix is a two-day event dedicated to inform delegates on how to turn early stage inventions and ideas into innovative health treatments (new medicines, novel biomarkers, useful medical devices or improved medical practices etc.). As the number of participants of their annual event is growing fast each year, ON Helix wanted to boost event engagement. 

The challenge

As the volume of ON Helix event’s participants was getting bigger, the challenge was to:

  • Upgrade the attendees’ experience by enabling smart networking interactions and meetings between participants 
  • Gather all the data related to their event in a single platform 
  • Facilitate smooth event operation using our dedicated team’s support to answer any related request and question before, during and after the event. 

Our Solution 

ON Helix partnered with Networkapp with the scope to create an experience where less time was needed for attendees to find, meet and connect with each other. ON Helix created an engaging conference app using our easy-to-use conference app builder tool. Among other tools the conference organizers customised the following features together with Networkapp’s support team : 

  • Personal Programme: Each of the attendees created a profile that was used in order to connect with other attendees and to find the most useful sessions to attend  
  • Revenue Generator (sponsor – plus): During the conference, attendees were able to reach out directly to medical companies that sponsored the event
  • Customised Design: Our customisable event app design feature, helped ON Helix to adjust the look & feel of their conference app.   
  • Content Banner: On Helix used their creativity to design content in banners in order to communicate the desired messages to their attendees. 


Networkapp & ON Helix



Our event engagement metrics helped ON Helix check and realise the data behind the scenes of their conference. The data matched depicted that the engagement was above the average.    

  • The total active users during the conference were 148 out of 250 registrations for the conference;  
  • Over 160 messages were sent (which equals 1,05 message per participant);
  • The total connections made during the conference were 67. In our metrics, the term total connections refers to confirmed group and/or 1 on 1 meetings scheduled during an event.
  • In total there were 106 conversations which means that people exchanged at least 2 messages with each other while there were 160 messages sent in total.
  • Total requested appointments made among attendees were 84.

Our dedicated customer support team was in close contact with the ON Helix team. 

Our team specifically assisted: 

  • By answering questions related to setting up the event
  • Being on hold during the event days in order to answer related questions


Looking forward 

Looking towards the ON Helix 2020 a lot of developments will be undergone: 

  • Our user-friendly dashboard will be further customised for the purposes of the ON Helix event. The live modules including the live voting and live event feed will be fully used by the conference organisers as well as the attendees.

Finally the developments coming our way for next year’s event aim to fully capture the heartbeat of the event.

Stay tuned!

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