Building bridges at Health & Safety Day

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“For the National Health & Safety Event, we were looking for a tool that could contribute to building bridges between people, departments, regions and branches. The use of Networkapp exceeded our expectations. Almost 98% of all visitors (1,300 in total) downloaded and used the app. Networkapp was certainly of added value for Health & Safety.

By using Netwerkapp, participants could approach each other prior to the event and schedule meetings. Especially by posting specific questions, a certain dynamics arose within the group of participants even before the event. This interaction ensured people to start the day enthusiastically.

We chose Networkapp because of it’s user-friendliness. Participants can see who else is coming, how the program is set up and also receive practical information. A small part of the attendees did not have a smartphone, this group would therefore not have been able to make an in-app session selecion, but because Networkapp is also accessible via a desktop, this group could choose from the large number of sessions in the program.

As an organizer, you are in control with Networkapp. Thanks to push notifications we could easily reach the large group of participants. Even after the event, contacts are maintained.”

Irene Mulder
Communications advisor, Health & Safety

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"By using Netwerkapp, participants were able to approach each other and make appointments prior to the event. By posting specific knowledge questions, a certain dynamic arose within the participants' field prior to the event. This interaction ensured to people started the day enthusiastically."

Irene Mulder - Communications advisor, Gezond en Zeker