Profile Based Recommendations Resulted in a Real Job Creator

Modified at: 26-03-2020

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Werkinzicht forms a partnership between municipalities, UWV (Dutch Employee Insurance Agency) and Social Employment Services in Groningen and Noord-Drenthe. They aim to to help more (professional) people into work.  In 2018 Congresbureau Friesland, together with Werkinzicht organised Work Festival, a career event aiming to connect people looking for jobs with potential employers, thus made great use of our profile based recommendation tool.

While a lot of people seek the unemployment benefits provided by UWV, a great amount of employers contact Werkinzicht in order to assist them in finding the right people for their organisations. The idea behind the job fair was to create a meaningful event where people searching for a job in the area of Groningen, could easily talk to potential employees, meet other people that also search for a job and leave the event if not with a job, at least with useful tips regarding their job quests.

The challenge 

Werkinzincht and Congress Bureau Friesland were looking for an event app tool that would support attending jobseekers in finding and connecting with potential employers. The Werk Festival presented a number of challenges

  • As wide a range as possible was needed by Werkinzicht in order to be able to assist as many participants from the Groningen region as possible in finding a job.
  • Event human resource management solutions were needed to contribute to harmonious logistics during the event, better overview of the event’s successes and suggestions for future improvement.
  • Attendees’ profiles since the potential employers of the event had no knowledge prior to event regarding skills and experience of the attendees. 

In order to give participants the opportunity to prepare themselves properly, Werkinzicht wanted to inform them about the companies present, well in advance. This enabled guests to efficiently spend their time on meaningful networking and less time on looking for the right table or stand to join.


Our Solution 

Together with Congresbureau Friesland, we focused on providing the best possible experience incorporating personalised recommendations  to potential employers based on attendees profiles.

The Networkapp features used during the festival were: 

  • Find the right people to connect: People looking for a job were able to categorise and contact the most suitable employers before, during and after the festival (targeted messaging).
  • Personalised design: Werkinzicht shared the content of their festival through content banners and logos, while they created recommended filters for specific participants’ groups in a job vacancy list , and so contributing to enhanced engagement throughout the festival. (Content Sharing with banners, logo carousel, exhibitor list)
  • Intelligent Conference Book: Some of the catalytic attributes that further boosted the event’s engagement were the dynamic floor-plan through which attendees were able to check where interesting employers were located.(dynamic floor-plan, tags, personal programme)
  • Revenue Generator: Using our revenue generator, Werkinzicht provided the space to job agencies that wanted to attract talents looking for jobs while this created an extra layer of sponsors that contributed to the festival (sponsor-plus).

“Thanks to Networkapp’s profile based recommendation system, we have been able to connect employees and employers in a targeted way. A real job creator!”

Jant van Dijk,
Director Congresbureau Friesland


The main goal for Workfestival was to effectively connect people looking for a job with potential employers. We managed to achieve that goal by providing targeted suggestions to companies and attendees based on their preferences and backgrounds. 

The Workfestival’s successes in numbers:

  • Total active users: 2783
  • Total Connections: 1248 
  • Asked Questions: 602 
  • Conversations: 799 
  • Messages: 1592 
  • Total Requested appointments: 492



"Thanks to Networkapp's profile-based recommendation system, we have been able to bring employees and employers into contact with each other in a targeted manner. An efficient job creator!"

Jant van Dijk - Director, Congresbureau Friesland