Custom Design!

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“Besides the fact that the app has been of great use to us at our event, it was also fun to use. The custom design of the app went very intuitive and many questions I had were quickly answered by the Networkapp team. The app was recommended to me by a family member who works in marketing and had used the app during another event. Even though it isn’t always clear what’s included in the different plans, the app met our expectations and I would certainly recommend it to others.

The custom design of the app enabled us to create a unique look and feel for our event. The layout was quite successful as most of the event attendees described the app as “fun to use” and “easy to browse”, we copied the app layout so we can use it next year.”

Speaker - Joost van Rooij

Speaker – Joost van Rooij

"Designing it went very intuitive"

Nick van den Hurk, Industrial Hygienist, MSD Animal Health - organiser "Arbeidshygiëne minder stoffig!?"