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Elma Bassa - Published at: 02-11-2023
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On April 4 and 5, KNVM and NVMM organized the Scientific Spring Meeting. A very interesting congress made even more interesting thanks to the use of live voting. This made the event even more interactive and triggered participants’ learning abilities.

Topic of live voting during the Scientific Spring Meeting were diagnoses that could be made in response to a case. For example, the host showed a patient who fell ill after swimming in a lake in Africa and has had red spots all over his body ever since.

Reaching a diagnosis together

Thanks to our live voting tool, the group of participants were presented with the question of what their diagnosis would be. They were able to choose from several answers. The host then went into the room and asked a few attendees to explain the reason behind their answer. He then named the correct diagnosis and the next question addressed what the further treatment plan would look like. In this way, cases were discussed in an interactive way.

Additional knowledge and inspiration

We thought this was a great example of how live voting truly enriches an event and provides participants with even more knowledge and inspiration. Their learning capacity was in fact enormously triggered. They jointly learned how to quickly reach a correct diagnosis.

Live voting at your event?

Are you also interested in live voting at your event, but don’t know how to go about it? No problem! We will take care of everything from A to Z. We will answer all your questions and demonstrate how it works with a demo or video. We show you the back of the tool, so you know exactly where to find everything.

Interacting with your participants in this way (for the first time) can sometimes feel daunting, but we help you with this too. We advise you on how to set this up and agree on cues, so that the results are shown at the right moment and your presentation flows seamlessly into the live voting. Of course, we also coordinate this in detail with the venue’s AV person involved, so that you can relax and focus on the presentation! 

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