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Margriet de Groot - Modified at: 21-04-2020
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Personal event?

Suppose you go to a congress and could use some advice about the project you’re working on. The programme is very extensive. Which session are you going to attend?  Eventually you choose something that seems interesting at first sight. Indeed, it was interesting, but your questions haven’t been answered yet. Meanwhile scrolling through the participants and exhibitors results in a chat with someone who shares your expertise. However she turns out to have the same questions, nice to know that you are not the only one. Finally, you go home, it was fun.

Successful event management?

Or might this be your participant:

After signing up for a corporate event you receive an invitation to download an app. You are asked to indicate your expertise and the purpose of your visit. When opening the programme in the app you find out your interests are already listed and certain programme items are highlighted especially for you. You select one that seems interesting. Certainly it was remarkable. That is to say it had the depth you needed and you leave the room with new insights that come in handy.
After that you scroll through the participantlist, and again the search filter is set to your preferences. In fact there is someone who offers the expertise you are looking for. Consequently you meet up, you have a connection! When you get home, you receive a push notification. Your new contact will be in the neighbourhood next week and suggests to further discuss your innovative project.

A personal event experience will bring you further!

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