How a registration tool improves event experience

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Margriet de Groot - Modified at: 21-04-2020
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As an event manager you want an optimal and efficient process from registration to evaluation. But sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. An event registration tool helps you keep track of registrations and cancellations.

But it also helps in:

  • Creating a website with a registration page

A registration page dedicated to the event has many advantages. From monitoring page analytics to targeted messaging, an event page is an efficient tool for increasing registrations.

  • Setting up various registration forms including specific questions (such as hotel and dietary preferences)

Providing a personalised experience for attendees is top of mind for any event manager. For example, a registration form with specific participant questions creates a feeling of familiarity.
At Networkapp we strive for an optimal event and networking experience for all your participants. Discover how our app features help enrich personal event experience.

  • Sending confirmation emails and reminders

Interacting with your audience before and during your event is a very successful strategy when aiming to increase the engagement. Sending targeted confirmation emails and reminders are an effective feature. Take advantage of the possibilities offered by Networkapp in combination with a registration tool.

Read more about the advantages of smooth and targeted communication with Networkapp.

  • Generating entrance tickets with QR codes for a smooth registration process at the event.

Say goodbye to long event queues with the use of our QR code feature. You can now send your attendees personal QR codes prior to the event and ease their waiting time.

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In conclusion with the help of a registration system you keep your event organisation orderly. Your guests will also benefit from a smooth organisation and registration process. Participants know where they stand. Subsequently they will use their valuable time efficiently.



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