From a live to a hybrid event in 3 steps

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Margriet de Groot - Modified at: 21-04-2020
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From a live to a hybrid event in 3 steps

Large, volatile situations such as the threat of the global virus, are a test of organisers’ steel nerves. Networkapp gives you the opportunity to ad hoc go from a live to a hybrid event in just 3 steps. You will have to make some changes, but we’ll take you through the process. Benefit from our experience, our network and our expertise.

1. Expand the offline to an online programme

  • Keep the program as you already organised for the speakers and participants who can attend the live event.
  • Convert this programme into an online programme for those participants who cannot attend the event.
    The registration and break moments will be different. And the chairperson has to be assisted by an extra online host who can take over the role of chairperson and guide participants online during the day .
  • Networkapp presents the appropriate personal programme in the app for the online and offline visitor, depending on the type of participant. The online participant gets access to the various live streams, provided by a renowned AVG specialist, in consultation with the online host. The host conducts interviews in order for the online participants to really experience the feeling of the day. You might think about:
    • a short interview between participants who found each other through the app;
    • a quick reaction to a speaker’s presentation;
    • Q&A with the speakers;
    • interim recap of the networking results for the big event screen and to discuss the highlights.

Schedule these activities in the app in advance and keep everyone involved. Whoever wants to join can do this from afar, and if they want to go for that coffee break, they go off-line for a while.

After the event you post the videos in the corresponding sessions, allowing both the online and offline visitors to review the presentation. The Networkapp will be available for one month after the event and the contacts made will be saved.

2. Encourage networking before and during the event

  • We have always said online encounters in the app will trigger real meetings, and this will still be the case for the people present at your event… But now offline meets online as well! Participants can still schedule appointments with each other during the event. Those will be neatly appointed in the agendas of both offline and online participant.
  • Devices are placed at actual meeting points where participants can meet each other using techniques such as google hangouts. By doing so you maintain the valuable face to face experience. After all, it is always nice to be able to look each other in the eye when discussing certain themes.

3. Ensure connection during the split-program

The chairman, online host and the Networkapp moderator remain in constant contact to maintain connections. For example, to make sure push notifications are sent at the right time to the right group. You wouldn’t want your participant in Singapore and that important speaker in Leiden to miss each other at “the coffee table”.

Bonus step 4 > When you use the valuable Voting Feature: Keep online participants involved in the voting process

An online visitor’s vote is just as valuable as the vote of a visitor attending the offline event.

Both in plenary and individual sessions anyone can participate in the voting sessions through Networkapp. Thus, keeping a participant on the other side of the world involved. It will give you more participant opinions and results will be instantly visible to app users.

Are you interested in implementing the ideas as described above for your event?

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