When Corona throws a spanner in the works: Offline meets online at a hybrid event

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Margriet de Groot - Modified at: 21-04-2020
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To cancel or not to cancel? The Corona virus has kept the minds of many an event manager busy. Promoters don’t want to risk anything,  speakers who can’t or don’t want to travel anymore, doubting and cancelling participants. Cancelling or postponing an event will cost a lot of time and money. An unsuccessful live event with too few participants present also costs time and money. When do you decide to cancel or postpone an event? And are there alternatives that are relatively less time and money consuming and do lead to a successful event? Let us think along with you!

When in doubt (don’t) do it!

The desire to travel around the world is declining at an ever-increasing rate. When countries ‘lock down’ or quarantine situations arise, it is not even possible to travel. Everyone wants to limit the risk of COVID-19 spreading and at the same time we seem to be overtaken by the virus. International events in particular are being cancelled because of this, but official advice, unofficial trend and continuous development are also being looked into at national level.

Are you still in doubt whether or not to go ahead with your event should? No clue as to how to keep participants engaged? Take a look at the options that are available thanks to the current technological developments and splendid communication solutions. Use them to turn your event into a success. Sure, it will be a bit different than usual. But what if we can turn this threat into a positive opportunity to maintain the quality of the event, devised with modern resources? We would like to think along with you, provide you with an overview of all the options and help you make your decision

Live streaming & video presentations

Combining your live event with online services such as live streaming, video presentations and google hangouts is one of those options. It won’t even take up that much time an effort. Together with Networkapp it’ll be fixed in no time at all, because we already have a scenario. Our team will be happy to help you turn your live programme into a hybrid event. Networkapp is still the place to be for participants to network and meet. Whether it be live at your event or online in case participants or speakers cannot be physically present.

For any voting sessions, an online visitor’s vote is just as valuable as the vote of a visitor attending the offline event, thanks to the nifty voting software. The chairman, online host and the Networkapp moderator remain in constant contact to maintain connections, which also means push notifications are sent to the right group at the right time.

Are you interested in implementing the ideas as described above for your event?

Please contact us now and we will investigate how to help you on your way in cooperation with Live Online or with your own favourite partner. Also take a look at our step-by-step plan

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