Programme set in stone? Keep it flexible with in-app programme selection

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Margriet de Groot - Modified at: 21-04-2020
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The programme is only final at the last moment and we want our guests to make a well-considered choice in what our programme has to offer. How do I keep track of the available space? And how do I make sure that there are no speakers in front of an empty room?

Flexibility is essential when organising an event. If only because others don’t (can’t) stick to intentions and agreements. Every change in your programme must be implemented in your communication. You would like participants to sign up, but the programme additions and changes are still coming in.With Networkapp you keep that flexibility, the overview and the speed of changes. Programme open for session selection when you and your participants are ready. This can be done on the spot at the event or on the couch at home in advance!

Pre-registered participants can find their personal programme in the Netwerkapp, but they are also allowed to change. Just like all guests who have not yet registered for workshops. Follow room capacity in real time, it is also recorded in the app. Sessions with too small an audience? Assign guests or draw the attention of those that have not registered yet to this workshop via a push message.

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