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Add event information

Go to Event content ->Tab Info

Fill in all general information about your event.

Event name: the event name as shown in the app
Start: start date and time of the event
End: end date and time of the event
Timezone: the timezone in which the event takes place
Language: Language setting in the app (dashboard is by default in English)
Event URL: website where the participants can learn more about the event

You can offer multiple languages in the app. Select the languages you want available. The default buttons in the app will show the default setting of the user.

Note: This does not include self published texts such as General description, but only for the programmed Networkapp texts/buttons.

General description: Give a general description of the event
Show information text: The general description of the event(zie General description) is visible under a separate button (‘On separate information page’) or on the Homepage of the event app (‘On event home’).

Welcome text: This text will be shown one time when the participant opens the Networkapp for the first time. For example, shortly welcome the participants to the event, tell them what  Networkapp consists of, the opportunities within the app for the participants and expectations from you as event organizer of the participants.

Event location: Fill in the information of the venue

Social media: This link explains how to you can include the URL’s of the Social media related to your event

add social media URLs

Go to Event Content -> tab Info

  1. Scroll down to ‘Social Media’
  2. Enter the URL and info:

Twitter URL: Twitterpage Event, organisation or company

Facebook URL: Facebook page Event, organisation or company

LinkedIn URL: LinkedIn page Event, organisation or company

Instagram URL: Instagram page Event, organisation or company

YouTube URL: YouTube page Event, organisation or company

Share via twitter: ‘Enable’ when quests/post are to be linked to Twitter

Twitter hashtag: #subject/eventname/etc when Share via Twitter is enabled.

Click Save

Create an exhibitor list/exhibitor page

Go to Event Content -> Tab Exhibitor

In this section you can enter sponsors, partners etc.

1. Enter the name of the label for the exhibitors (this is what the participants see in the app). Click on Save Settings.

1.b If you ordered Advanced plan, please indicate in the following 2 fields whether all sponsors featured in the carousel should be mentioned separately in the exhibitors list and under which denominator. These will then be at the top of the exhibitors list.

2. Click

3. Enter required info:

Add Item:

Name Sponsor/partner etc name

Location Where is the exhibitor’s stand (see help article Place map for more info)

Description Give a description of the exhibitor or place an advertisement as an image

E-mail Contact email address (this can only be 1 address, on the sponsor page in the app a banner will be shown with the possibility to send an email)

Hyperlink Enter the URL of the exhibitor’s website. The app user will be redirected by clicking on the Website bar at the bottom of the exhibitor’s detail page.
If you want to link directly from the exhibitors list or carousel to the website, leave the field Description, E-mail and Header Image empty.

Content Links If you want to share a pdf or a video on the sponsor page, you can add it via Add Content Link. This will be shown as a map on the sponsor page and will be opened in-app.

Logo place an exhibitor logo (jpg or png size 274×108).

Header Image for Detail Screen Upload a header image that will appear at the top of the exhibitor’s detail page (jpg or png size 640×480).

App Listing Positions:

In directory Is checked by default, uncheck if the exhibitor does not need to be included in the list.

Category If there are different types of exhibitors, you can indicate that here by creating a category. The exhibitors who are assigned to this category will then be listed separately in the list of exhibitors in the app under the relevant category.

On carousel Check the box if the respective exhibitor has to turn in the carousel on the home page of the event.
You can fixate one logo in the carousel, to not rotate, but always be visible. You will find this option under the item Featured and is part of the Advanced/Unlimited plan 

Show as banner Check when the logo should appear as a separate banner on the home page of the event. Make sure that the size of the logo is the same as for a header (jpg or png size 640×88). This is a part of the Advanced/Unlimited plan

Home button appearance Indicate here whether the banner of the relevant exhibitor should show as a logo: Use logo as full-width image
or with just the company name: Text button, use name as text

Position If desired, indicate the position at which the exhibitor should be included in the exhibitor list.


Show on narrowcasting (Live Event Feed) Check when the exhibitor should to be visible via narrowcasting on a screen at the event.

  1. Click Save
  2. Repeat for other exibitors

set up a custom directory or separate folders (Advanced/Unlimited)

Creating custom directories is an Advanced or Unlimited plan feature.
Check out our Pricing page for more information on our plans and current rates

Custom directories are separate folders in which you can store additional information.
Think of session presentations, a list of blogs or vlogs about the event, important documents, etc.

Go to Promotion

1. Click 

2. Name the custom directory. This will be shown on the banner in the app (a). Participants click on it and will be redirected to the list you are about to create.

a.        b.

3. You can also choose to place a banner image (b) at Logo.
Place an image here with dimensions 640×88

4. If you don’t want to show the custom directory as a banner in the app but only with an icon in the carousel, check the On Carousel option and uncheck the Show as banner option.
Then upload an icon at Logo with the size 274×108.

5. If you have multiple custom directories and you want to show the banners in a certain order, please indicate the position in Position.

Click Save.

6. At the bottom of the page within your custom directory you’ll find ‘Listings in this custom directory’. This is an overview of all the items you have placed in the custom directory.
Click on the plus sign to add a new item.

7. Fill in the fields as required.
In the Description field you can give a description and place a link in the text via ‘Insert link’.

You can also place a pdf or website link at Hyperlink. If there is no text in the description field, the document or website will open immediately. If there is text in the description field, a ‘Website’ button will appear.

8. When you are in overview and you want to add new items to the custom directory scroll down and click on +add item

Follow the same step and click Save


Create a banner (to share information)

Creating a banner is a feature of the Advanced or Unlimited plan.
Check our pricing page for more information about our plans and current rates

To give your participants extra information, you can create a banner.
Think for example of travel information, catering/menu information or to refer directly to a website.
Please note that this feature can be used from advanced package onwards!

Go to Event ContentPromotion

1. Click

2. Name the banner

3. Enter a banner image with size 640×88 (a) If you prefer to show only the name in a bar with primary color leave this blank (b)
a.  b.

4. If you want to link directly to a website/pdf enter the URL or upload the pdf at Hyperlink.

You can only link directly to a website/pdf if you leave the Description field empty.

5. If you have multiple banners and you want to show them in a certain order in the app, enter the position in Position

Click Save

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