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activate your code to (pre)view the app

You might have already encountered the downloadand code entering instruction pop-up when you started the (trial) event:

If you skip this step by clicking ‘I have added my code in the app’ you’ll find an exclamation mark at the overview page:

  1. Click the banner as shown above
  2. Follow the instructions
  3. Open the app on your device, click +New Code in the top right corner  and enter the unique code you see in the pop-up in your dashboard
  4. Click Continue
  5. You now have access to your eventapp.

Keep in mind that you are now also registered as a participant in the app.


Add event information

Ga to General ->Tab Info

Complete all general information about your event as desired.

General description: Enter a description of the event here. This will be shown in the app under the info button

Show information text: The description of the event (see General description) is visible under a separate heading Info button (‘On separate information page’) or on the event homepage (‘On event home’).

Welcome text: This text is displayed once when the participant opens the event in the app for the first time. For example, give a short welcome, what the app entails, what possibilities it offers to the participant and what is expected of the participant.

Click Save

add social media URLs

Go to General -> tab Info

  1. Scroll down to ‘Social Media’
  2. Enter the URL and info:

Twitter URL: Twitterpage Event, organisation or company

Facebook URL: Facebook page Event, organisation or company

LinkedIn URL: LinkedIn page Event, organisation or company

Share via twitter: ‘Enable’ when quests/post are to be linked to Twitter

Twitter hashtag: #subject/eventname/etc when Share via Twitter is enabled.

Click Save

customise your layout

  1. Click the Icon in the top left corner of the dashboard or go to General -> tab Design
  2. Click  Customize Look and Feel to adjust your event app’s icon, header and primary colours.
  3. A pop-up (possibly with previously entered images) will appear:
  4. Click Select new icon or Upload Icon to upload an icon.
    Ideal icon format is 172×172 px.
  5. Click Select new header or Upload header to upload a header image.
    Ideal header format is 640×200 px.
    Adept colourcodes in RGB(x, y, z) or Hex #111111
  6. Click Continue to save your layout


place a map in the app

Go to General -> tab Locations

Event map

Upload a map of your event. Make sure this is one image in jpg or png (max 2048×2048) format.

Click on Select file to upload or drag the document from your explorer to the field

Only one jpg item can be uploaded. A new map can be uploaded by following the same steps, the old document will be replaced by the new one.

Click Delete to delete the map completely

Exhibitors map

Upload here a map of the exhibitors at the event. Make sure this is one picture in jpg or png (max 2048×2048) format.

Follow the steps described above.

Meetingpoints Set the meeting points for participants and/or speed dates (see article Meeting points for more info).


Exhibitor map Label

By default, the name will be set to the name of the label given at Promotion (See the help article Create a sponsorlist for more info). If desired, change the name of the exhibitor floor plan.

Meetingpoints screen explanation

Describe the purpose of meeting points or other familiar explanation/description (see article Meeting points for more info).


Set up meeting points in the app

There will always be a meeting points button visible in the eventapp info. There for we recommend to set up at least one meeting point, f.i. Registrationdesk

Go to General > tab Locations

One meeting point is already set up:

Click Edit to change the item:

  1. Name the meeting point f.i. Registrationdesk
  2. Optional: upload a photo to make it more recognisable. You can always add this later.
  3. Leave Type on ‘default,’ we’ll explain ‘Speeddate’ later
  4. Click Save
  5. Optional: Click Add meetingpoint to add another meeting point

Meeting point will be shown in the app in order of time created

Meetingpoints screen explanation

Give a short explanation about the meeting points and how participants can plan appointments with each other.


Meeting points are also required to set up a speed date item in the programme. After all, you want  participants to know where to meet the expert.

Follow the steps as above, but in step 3 select the Type ‘speeddate’.
The meeting points that are created for speed dates will only be visible when a participant schedules a speed date. For regular appointments between participants, speeddate meeting points cannot be selected.




set up advanced settings

Here you will find a number of settings that allow you to change the default features.
For a standard event nothing needs to be changed here.

Event type can not be changed and this does not affect the design and use of the app.

Build your event app demo in less than 15 minutes and try it out with your team.




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