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Femke Francissen - Published at: 21-03-2024
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If you have ever organised a large event, you know how complex it can be. There are many different components to coordinate, from speakers and sessions to venues and catering. If you want your event to be a success, you need a solution that helps you bring everything together without too much fuss. After all, it’s nice to make sure everything runs smoothly and that participants have a positive experience. And let Networkapp be an expert in complex events.

One of the biggest challenges when organising events is effectively connecting participants. Whether it’s a conference, trade fair or corporate event, creating valuable connections is essential for the success of the event. That is what people come to your event for. But when it comes to a multi-day, international or mega large event, you do have more on your mind than connecting participants.

How Networkapp helps you

Networkapp is an event platform that helps you organise any event, no matter how complex. The platform offers a number of features that make your job easier, such as:

Advanced planning tools: Networkapp provides advanced scheduling tools in its dashboard that allow you to manage your event’s agenda, location and speakers. For example, you can plan sessions based on capacity and schedule speakers based on their availability. So you, your speakers and your participants will soon have a good overview in the app.

Overview: The dashboard shows how far you are with the set-up of your event and which steps still need attention. From completing your programme to the invitation process. So you don’t miss a thing. And don’t know what to do? Then Networkapp will give you tips & tricks, you can consult help articles or simply send a support chat to our team.

Automation: You can do a lot yourself with Networkapp. Link your registration system via a secret key (secure!) and import all data into the app in real time. Reduce error rates and track your participants’ activity in the reports. Do you have more complex requirements regarding abstract handling or the classification of different groups with different rights? Then we are ready to arrange this for you.

Examples of complex events

Complex events come in different shapes and sizes, also varying in their degree of complexity. Because complex does not always mean a big event, complex can also be:

  • Multi-day with several groups per day. Multi-day events, for example, require detailed programme management and constant participant engagement so that you connect the right people at the right time. A good example is the lpbcongress an annual conference organised by a different (host) municipality each year.
  • Programmes at different locations (hybrid). Organising an event in multiple locations is a great way to reach more people and engage a wider audience. But it can also be challenging to foster connection between participants when they are not in the same location.
  • Programme with lots of informal side events. We achieved this at ECTMIH, for example; in addition to the primary programme, ECTMIH also offered a wide range of side events. These events provided opportunities to network with other professionals, learn about new technologies and relax.
  • Multilingualism. Here, you want messages to come across well in every language and the right form of address to be used with push messages. We ourselves have already had the opportunity to organise several inspiring international events, including Travelution.
  • Groups with different network rights. Not everyone wants to receive the same number of messages. Determining the right network rights is important to prevent spam and keep participant satisfaction high.
  • Numerous speakers. Events with numerous speakers require careful planning to ensure a balanced and engaging programme. We faced that challenge, among others, at the Day of Housing.
  • Unique personal programmes. To keep it as engaging as possible for each participant, it is important to have personalised programmes so that they are not inundated with information that is not in their area of interest.
  • Participant visibility due to privacy. Participants may prefer different levels of privacy. Some may want to be visible to all other participants, while others prefer to be visible only to specific groups or individuals.

Getting further together

Whatever your requirements, Networkapp offers a versatile solution that adapts to the unique needs of each event, enabling organisers to effectively navigate the specific challenges of their meeting.

And even though Networkapp is easy to use, you are not alone. Our team of committed and enthusiastic staff is here to help you. Our staff has years of experience in activating your participants around an event. They know how to make an event a success and are always ready to help you with questions or problems. There is a creative solution for everything.

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