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Elma Bassa - Published at: 25-03-2024
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It is a familiar phenomenon: you are at an event, you walk around and meet people by chance or connect with people you already know. Then you go home with a pile of business cards. But how many of those contacts actually lead to valuable connections?

Networkapp believes that networking is more than just collecting business cards. We want to help you make real connections that will help you further in your career or personal development.

Start Networking Roadmap

To make it even easier for your participants, we have introduced the Start Networking Roadmap. A handy step-by-step plan that, depending on your wishes, takes participants by the hand in a simple way to make sustainable, high-quality connections.

The power of valuable connections

Humans are social creatures. We enjoy connecting with others, sharing ideas and experiences, and receiving help and support. The roadmap helps participants make connections with people relevant to their interests and goals. This can lead to more business opportunities, new collaborations and friendships. It puts them in touch with like-minded or, conversely, dissenting people who share their interests and values or, conversely, prompt thought. That gives satisfaction. For example, did you know that participants who make valuable connections are more satisfied with the event? And that’s what you do it for, after all. Happy visitors who come again next year and positive word-of-mouth advertising.

This is how you make valuable roadmap connections

From practice, we find that participants find it difficult to make relevant connections that will help them further in their careers. Lots of general talk, but nothing concrete unfortunately. Through our roadmap, we are the guide in the world of networking and help participants take concrete steps towards their goals. This is how we ensure:

  • Clarity and structure. The roadmap provides a clear roadmap with concrete actions participants can take to achieve their networking goals. This makes networking easier and less overwhelming, allowing participants to be more focused and effective.
  • Relevant matches. The roadmap helps participants focus on meeting the right people, relevant to their interests and goals. This saves time and energy, and ensures participants make more valuable connections that help them further in their careers or personal development.
  • Accessibility. The roadmap makes networking accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience level and character. Through simple steps, participants have thus built their own inner circle.

Bring people together

The Start Networking Roadmap is a valuable tool for event organisers looking to take their event to the next level. The tool is easy to use and can be adapted to the specific needs of each event. Create a unique and effective event experience and bring the right people together.

Want to know more about the roadmap and extensive networking options? Check out all the features on our how it networks page or schedule a in-home meeting with one of our specialists.

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