From Pamphlet to App

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Margriet de Groot - Modified at: 21-04-2020
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In the past strikers were informed via pamphlets and posters for strike days. For the demonstration of 14 March the Algemente Onderwijsbond (AOb) set up their own event using Networkapp. Participants will find the programme and route as well as the latest news in primary education. Moreover, One can chat with fellow teachers and ask questions or give their opinion by responding to polls.

In turn, the organisation can easily reach the whole group in one go with a push message.

The AOb calls all its members in primary, special and secondary education who work in the schools of Flevoland, Utrecht and Noord-Holland to go on strike on Wednesday 14 of March. Some of the goals of this strike is a fair salary and a balanced workload for the employees of the educational Dutch sector.

Thus, the trade union for educational staff is making use of a deep-rooted right in our society. The right to strike. An old right but with a surprising new look: Communication about this strike takes place in an app.

A nice first step towards digitisation and connecting knowledge.



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