How to activate participants to use Networkapp!

Modified at: 13-02-2024

Christine Greve and Judith Cappendijk have been organising unforgettable congresses, with CONfriends Productions, for over fifteen years. Since 2023, they have also been using Networkapp. The app has been used successfully from moment one. Their secret? Read on.

Christina had to organise a webinar for the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa). This needed to be done on short notice so she was looking for a studio. “Through my network, I got in touch with Studio Stream. Unfortunately, they had no available space at that time. When I contacted them again later for another webinar, I asked what platform they recommended. They recommended Networkapp.”

“Along with the tools and systems we were already using for organising events, we delved into Networkapp. I am very impressed with what we can do with it. We therefore knew immediately that this was the app we needed.”

Communication plan

No sooner said than done: the use of Networkapp was a fact. Now it was important to introduce the app as well as possible to the participants, so that they become enthusiastic and want to use it. Fortunately, this was nothing new for Christine. “My background is in communications. I worked as a communication consultant and still do a few communication projects. As a result, I am always looking at which means we can use as effectively as possible to draw attention to an event. As well for Networkapp.”

“It is important to draw up a good and clear communication plan in advance. To start on time and raise awareness of the app step by step. Inviting participants to the Networkapp? We email them about other things much earlier. We try to get them excited with fun news, well-known speakers, connections they can already make and much more.”

Valuable addition

Besides a good communication plan, there is another thing that Christine says helps a lot. “Asking yourself the following question: How are we going to make the app almost indispensable for congress participation? With that question in mind, we designed the app, created the communication plan and started activating participants in a timely manner.”

In June, Christine had two conferences she organised using Networkapp. “There was a multi-day international congress with a very extensive programme with more than 195 speakers, abstracts and posters and a Dutch congress with a kind of festival-like set-up. For both congresses, we made sure that the app was indispensable for attending the congress.”

“We offered up-to-date programmes, the list of speakers, abstracts and posters as well as valuable connections from people going to the event with their LinkedIn profiles attached. For the Dutch congress, attendees had to choose their session via the app. There were about 600 people at the event. To be able to organise it logistically, you don’t want everyone running in all directions to see which session has room. Networkapp really helped to encourage participants to already make their choicein the app.”

Good integration

Imagine, your event is like a delicious dish. With Networkapp, you give it the perfect two-week marinade to let the flavours develop! “Via email, you reveal juicy news, show who’s on the menu, what culinary connections are around and preview the entire programme. This makes Networkapp an extension of your event and adds an extra tasty dimension! That tastes like more!”

Like Christine, would you also like to make your event more interactive and give people more opportunity to really connect with each other? Get in touch with her via CONfriends Productions. Or request a free consultation with Elma Bassa of Networkapp.