Health-RI online event with high networking content

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In March, the sixth edition of the Health-RI congress took place. This year was different, as the event was hosted entirely online. Therefore, the organisation made use of the Networkapp platform.

Health-RI presents annually about the possibilities of data use in health research and new developments in the field of health data infrastructure. “Other years we welcomed about 400 visitors. This year, more than 600 professionals participated,” says organizer Femke Francissen enthusiastically. “The event was for free this year. As a result, we had more visitors than usual, but this exceeded our expectations. It was also easier for people from abroad to participate.”

Online networking in a pleasant environment
Initially, the organisation still doubted whether Health-RI should go ahead this year. “Networking is an important part of our event and it is different online,” explains Femke. “We looked at how we could still achieve this experience with Networkapp and we succeeded.” Part of the Health-RI programme took place through live streaming and another part through Zoom sessions. “It worked very well in Networkapp’s event platform. In addition, it also looked very nice, we were really surprised about that.”

Francissen is satisfied with the use of Networkapp. “And so were our visitors. One participant even told us that Health-RI was the best online event he had ever experienced. That must have something to do with the accessibility of Networkapp. It works very intuitively and is therefore very easy to use.”

Of course, the organisation hopes to see its visitors in person again next year. “However, because of this successful edition, we are thinking about a hybrid event, so that people at a distance can also participate.” Does Francissen have any tips for other organizers who are coordinating an online event for the first time? “Find a good event platform. One that you can use in all directions. For us, that is Networkapp. It has a lot of possibilities, is accessible in use and for a good price”, she says. “In addition, Networkapp has provided the community feeling and the togetherness that we like so much at our live events.”

"Networkapp has provided the community feeling and the togetherness that we like so much at our live events."

Femke Francissen, Health-RI