Collaborative partner from clinical pharmacy for 5 years

Modified at: 24-11-2023

For five times already, the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy (ESCP) used Networkapp during their annual symposium. For the physical meetings as well as the 2021 online edition. We value the cooperation with ESCP and asked them about their opinion of our collaboration and why they continue to use Networkapp. 

What was to be done prior to and during the event

Every year, ESCP organises a symposium on developments within their field and a workshop on a specific topic. With these events, they promote knowledge about innovative approaches to drug education, development and dispensing. Since 2017, director Edwin van Aalten has enlisted the help of our project managers, with us taking the full set-up of the app off his hands.

Edwin had several wishes for the app’s design:

  • After the event, the app should remain available for four weeks. Allowing participants to look up and download information and contact the network.
  • A map of the venue as well as the exhibition floor in the app. This way, participants do not have to search for themselves because all signposting is also in the app.
  • A digital programme, the CVs of speakers and workshop moderators and, of course, the possibility for participants to get in touch with each other.
  • Being able to make changes easily and quickly if the situation calls for it. Which is necessary with such a large symposium, something is always changing (in the programme).

How we approached it

Our project managers worked in close collaboration with Edwin and his colleagues to use Networkapp as effective as possible. Almost all the app’s functionalities were deployed during ESCP’s 50th symposium! The four-day programme, including workshops, could be seen on a day-by-day basis, allowing visitors to register directly for the workshops. This is something ESCP previously arranged via Excel lists, but via Networkapp this was way less manual work.

“Almost all the functionalities of the app were used!”

In addition, the programme of the event was complemented by oral abstract presentations and poster sessions. This keeps members up to date on specific research. The app showed all abstracts, authors and times in an organised way. Thus, participants could see when which session took place, read the abstracts and contact the author(s).

The result

The result was a complex but streamlined event that ran successfully. The fact that there were last-minute changes during the symposium posed no problem at all. Edwin implemented these himself in the Networkapp dashboard. Edwin was able to monitor usage very well and intervene quickly if there were any changes in the programme. In addition, the dashboard helped enormously during the event to help participants if they could not activate the app.

What they thought of it

Participants really appreciated the fact that all communication was now through one tool. They thought the app was very user-friendly and they could easily find each other through the participant list or by using one of the expertise filters. The chat was also popular with a total of almost 400 messages.

“With almost 400 messages, the chat feature was popular.”

ESCP told us that, since the workshop registrations run through the app, they can immediately see the level of interest in a session on who was present. This was a huge benefit for them, which saves a lot of manual administrative work afterwards.

A satisfied customer

When asked why ESCP has been coming back to us for years, Edwin answers swiftly  “The app meets all our requirements in terms of making a digital programme available, the CVs of the speakers and workshop moderators, the posters presented on scientific research and the possibility for participants to interact with each other. At a symposium, we have between 300 and 500 participants, so it is nice if they can somehow easily find each other if they have common interests. Of course it’s also very nice that I can also brainstorm with Networkapp on a strategic level and thus offer the maximum to our members.”

“Participants thought the app was very user-friendly. People were also very happy that the app avoids carrying around a paper programme and abstract books.”

Networkapp is also very satisfied with the cooperation with Edwin and his colleagues and we are eagerly looking forward to the 51st edition of the symposium, this time in Aberdeen!

Networkapp for your event

We enjoy working on projects where knowledge transfer and development are central, like ESCP’s symposium above. Therefore, we have a lot of experience within the healthcare sector, know what the objectives are and make the app fit these perfectly.

Want to know what we can do for you? Take a look at how to use the Networkapp for scientific conferences or just get in touch to discuss the possibilities!

"Participants thought the app was very user-friendly. People were also very happy that the app avoids carrying around a paper programme and abstract books."

Edwin van Aaltan, ESCP