Welcome Speech

A welcome speech from the organiser’s chairman? Once registration is complete you can read it in Networkapp. Or send a Push Notification on the day of the event.

General event information

What’s the event about, who is my event contact, where will it take place and how can I get there? In the general event information participants can find all they need to know and you can add links to any relevant pages.


Depending on the complexity of the programme your schedule will be presented as a list or as a block schedule. Including plenty of space for detailed programme information, biographies and photos of speakers, links to additional information and the use of colours corresponding with themes within the programme.

Composing personal programmes

This is great! Each participant can put together their own programme in Networkapp and view who else will be attending the sessions. Once participants have decided what they want to see at the event, you can set up personal programmes for each participant. By doing this all participants can prepare for the event. If necessary you can send a message to a select group of participants. Like a change of venue or speaker for example. (Plus Module Messaging)

Room plan

Because room capacity can be determined beforehand, participants can see what sessions are still available. If a participant would rather join another session the spot frees up for another participant to join instead. All participants can see who else will be in on the session.

Programme assessment

Are extensive evaluations a little too much? If you’ve already picked a session, you can get a quick rating on a question. For more extensive rating possibilities click here.


The floorplan for the venue or exposition is available on Networkapp. Want a little more interaction? Using our dynamic floorplan allows participants to tag favourites and easily plan their visit based on their preferences. Check out our Plus Module Dynamic Floorplan.

Plus Module Dynamic Floorplan

Plus module messaging

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