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Elma Bassa - Published at: 07-07-2023
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Our platform is known for its diverse networking opportunities to create truly valuable meetings. For both in-person, hybrid and online meetings. Whether it’s an open or closed question: through Networkapp you will be found quickly or can search for relevant knowledge yourself thanks to the smart profile filters and low-threshold and personalized approach. Read a detailed explanation of our networking capabilities here.

With Networkapp, participants could already use the smart calendar to make (group) appointments at a general meeting point. We have, however, found from experience that clients want to facilitate different types of meetings with different objectives. And that, we believe, requires a specific approach. After all, consultations, peer reviews or personal conversations all require a different approach and design of the event. Especially for the last example, we have updated the speed dating module which is even more personalized. With this feature update, participants can now also suggest a specific place where they cannot be disturbed during the appointment. This is how we ensure that private conversations really do stay private! 

Read further for a more detailed explanation of how the feature update works.

What’s private stays private

With Networkapp, we now make it possible to schedule private calls at your defined meeting points and time slots during the event. This is an extension of the existing appointment module where participants meet at a general meeting point. The new feature allows us to set a maximum number of calls per meeting point within a time slot. This allows you to retain freedom in the way you want to establish networking contact between participants. The participant selects the conversation partner, the desired time slot and the available meeting point. Our smart calendar keeps track of the most ideal time to meet. Participants can speak freely because the message then goes only to the applicable person, and not to the whole group. This ensures that messages remain private.

Even better and more personal networking

This new feature allows participants to network even better and more personally at your event. Through the app, smart filters, tags and profiles already allowed them to choose who they want to engage with. This is not just how you book an appointment, but how you plan an engaging appointment. So instead of scrolling through a participant list for ages to see if there might be an interesting person among them to connect with, there is no need! What if the participant isn’t sure who they are looking for? Then a call can be sent to the whole group, and that is how you will be found.

The appointment list neatly tracks which appointments are confirmed, pending or rejected. You can also immediately suggest another time that is more convenient for both parties. Your confirmed appointments are also automatically reflected in your personal program. This way you can see your event planning in a single overview.

So what is this used for?

On May 24 and 25, this feature will be actively used during F&A Next, an event hosted by Wageningen University & Research and others. Promising startups and scale-ups connect with investors and companies in the food and agtech industry. An ideal setting for speed dating! But also consider buyer hosting programs, matchmaking events and career fairs.

Are you ready to join ranks with F&A Next in facilitating truly valuable encounters? Are you the matchmaker and want to offer strong speed dates? Then take advantage of this new feature in our app. You arrange a number of closed or screened areas where people can get (back) in touch in peace and we arrange for these areas to be reserved. 

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