Enhance your event experience with narrowcasting

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Elma Bassa - Modified at: 25-01-2024
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There is a lot involved in organising an event. It is crucial that participants are and remain well informed. You can do this with digital signage. It can be your reliable assistant who makes sure everyone knows what is going on at your event. It is easier than you think. You arrange the screen, we do the rest.

With digital signage, you display important information and updates at strategic locations so that participants effortlessly know where they need to be and what is on the agenda. Whether it is session times, last-minute changes or inspiring messages, narrowcasting ensures that everyone stays in the right flow and the event runs smoothly.

Why choose digital signage at events?

For a start, digital signage ensures effective networking. This is because the screen shows how people are using the app. For instance, we show how participants (can) get in touch with each other. In addition, you can show who the most active users of the app are. This encourages others to use the app too!

Sudden changes in schedules or locations? No worries. Narrowcasting ensures that participants are always up-to-date. Of course, you also keep everyone informed of these important changes via push notifications in the app! Finally, narrowcasting has a good influence on the interaction of an event. With Networkapp, participants can ask questions and answer polls, providing an engaging and interactive experience for all users.

With our user-friendly system, setting up digital signage at your event is a piece of cake. Personalise content such as welcome messages, session information and sponsor ads.

What you can display with Networkapp digital signage

What can you display on such a screen? Well, anything you want! In practice, event organisers like to show one or more of the following items via digital signage:

  • The number of attendees;
  • The number of connections made;
  • The most active users of the app;
  • The programme for the rest of the day;
  • A few prominent sponsors

Some of these sections are dynamic and change throughout the day. This causes people to consult the screen several times a day. Not just to see what the programme looks like again, but also to see who is the most active user (some people are very competitive, take advantage of that!) and how many connections have been made.

Want to know what that looks like approximately? Check out the image below.

Connecting people

Would you also like to increase interaction at your event and encourage people to make the most of all networking opportunities? Then use narrowcasting via Networkapp. Contact us to discuss all the possibilities and who knows, maybe you will be narrowcasting at your next event!

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