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Margriet de Groot - Modified at: 29-10-2019
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How it (net)works

With the Networkapp on your smartphone or tablet, you can network effectively before, during and after the event.
In the app you can create or view your personal program, make appointments with other participants, post questions and appeals.

It’s a knowledge pit!

With our quest feature participants can post questions or enter a subject for conversation. This way one can easily get in touch with other guests and schedule (group) meetings at one of the meeting points. One can also chat directly to someone on the participants list.
Sharing knowledge has never been easier.

After the event, the Netwerkapp remains valuable. The contacts gained will be retained.

Getting started

Download the Network app on your phone and/or tablet at
Register with LinkedIn or e-mail.
Use the event code you received from the event organization.
Post your quest, chat and make contact with other participants.

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