Renewable energy generation at the EZK event via the Networkapp® matchmaking features

Modified at: 28-12-2022

How could renewable energy be used? What are the discoveries of other companies and what else could they do this year? During the RVO EZK event, various keynote speakers discussed the developments surrounding energy saving. Prior to the final conference, participants were able to attend online sessions on one of the themes: saving, generation and heat. Networkapp® facilitated the entire event and provided valuable knowledge and connections.

Strong connections and sustainable engagement

Event organizers and participants who work with Networkapp are always received with a warm welcome and a comprehensive Event Check. Up to a month after the event users get the possibility to keep in contact during follow-up sessions. In this way, the available network can be optimal utilized before, during and after the event. The Networkapp platform has been used by the organization of RvO for the third year in a row. Where knowledge sharing is relevant – regardless of who the carrier of that knowledge is – Networkapp is a good partner. The application adapts to the preferences of the user by focusing on what this specific person needs. By the means of the advanced matchmaking features, you will be found instead of you need looking. It provided the participants easily to network in a very targeted way from their own workplace.

Network Carousel

Due to the covid situation, RVO would like to decide last-minute whether the event would take place live or online. Because Networkapp’s technologies make it happen to respond flexibly to the wishes of their customers, the EZK event could be switched from live to online anytime via the dashboard. During the 6th edition (fully online), various parties have participated into a vibrant Network Carousel in which they could catch up to discuss generating alternative sustainable energy.

“Matchmaking features achieve you will be found instead of you need looking!”

Self-management with support

Networkapp takes care of everything, but the entire direction is in the hands of the customer. Event organizers are able to ‘mix and match’ a complete program with the desired needs, network possibilities and even external (registration) partners. As a customer, you choose whether you purchase entirely from Networkapp or integrate with the registration services you already work with. Networkapp is therefore characterized by its flexibility. Depending on the goal of the customer, a connection strategy is determined by the desired network behavior and learning style of the participants and the program and communication style. So, for example, you could choose to start with breakout sessions for a first meet-up instead of a plenary listening program. Would you like to know more about how the connection strategy can work out for your event? Make an appointment.